7 Essential Tools For Digital Marketers

Life as a digital marketer often moves very fast and it can seem like there are never enough hours in the day. Luckily there are a plethora of web tools and services these days to help streamline our workload and time. Here are seven of my most recommended ones.

Dropbox or Google Drive

Being able to quickly and securely share files of any size with individuals and groups is essential these days and sending emails with attachments will quickly become confusing.  There are several major players in this area now with Dropbox and Google Drive being the two biggest names. Dropbox has been around a lot longer than Drive but I’d say that in the last few years Drive has easily come out ahead with its free 15GB versus Dropbox’s 2GB, also if you are a Gmail user the ease of integration makes it a no-brainer.


The vast majority of digital and online marketers and entrepreneurs these days are working with multitudes of freelancers and distributed teams ranging from content writers to graphic designers as well as their own clients. This means staying on top of all the invoicing and payments to and from these individuals and companies is crucial otherwise you may find that when the end of the month rolls around you have a lot of catching up to do! Hiveage offers a variety of features and makes it very easy to send online invoices to your clients with Paypal and other payment gateways fully integrated. They also have other features for time tracking, mileage, and expenses.


When you are dealing with many different passwords and logins to both business and personal accounts with highly sensitive data in across various devices you need to know that these accounts are secure but also that you can access them with ease. 1Password can handle all of the above as well as bank and credit card details and you can even have various online identities stored in there.


Buzzsumo is an essential tool in the content brainstorming and creation phase when you are coming up with topics and ideas for your articles, videos and infographics. It’s extremely easy to use but offers a wealth of data and insights into what kind of content in your topic area or niche has been published recently, where the content has been shared and who has linked to it.


Grammarly will find and correct many more mistakes than a normal spell checker will and has a wide variety of other features to help you analyse your written work and learn from any mistakes you have made such as a built-in custom dictionary and grammar cards.


Fiverr can be a very mixed bag, there are some services there that I would not recommend any digital marketer to use such as anyone selling cheap backlinks or SEO services with outrageous too-good-to-be-true ranking claims. However it’s still the best place to find quickly freelancers for simple jobs such as graphic design, logos, coding and content writing. The phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is very true at Fiverr and tbh I don’t think I’ve ever actually paid $5 for anything there as that is just the starting price normally and the better work will be quoted at much higher rates but still *very* affordable and great for finding someone when you are in a bind and need a job done quickly!


Moz is my main go-to tool for SEO campaign tracking and monitoring. There are other tools that can be used such as Majestic SEO and of course Ahrefs but I have found that Moz is the best all round suite of tools. Take their Open Site Explorer tool for example, this will not return as many links as Majestic SEO does but that’s for a good reason, you don’t actually need to see all links pointing back to your site, links from feeds for example will be picked up and reported by Majestic whereas OSE will usually leave them out as they are unnecessary to be reported and can lead to confusion.

This is by no means a complete list and there are many, many other tools and web services that digital marketers can use, what tools do you like to use? Are there any alternatives to the above that you can recommend?


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