2 Blog Post Types to Boost Your Affiliate Commissions!

If you are a blogger with an active community, I’m excited to say here that you have a market place to help generate some affiliate money into your account monthly. Generally, we are told to add banners to sidebars, post content area or even do product reviews to make those sales and earn commissions.

These are all methods that work. But we need more right? That’s why I want to add to what you already have. Here are two blog post ideas to help you increase the number of affiliate sales your blog can generate per month.

2 Blog Post Types to Boost Your Affiliate Commissions!!

boost affiliate commissions

Don’t get me wrong! Affiliate Marketing is hard. Just like any other business type the produces genuine earnings, you have to follow the rules. Before I give you my two working post types, here are a few points to note;

a – You my have an active blog: What I mean here is that you need a blog with a minimum of hundreds daily readers. That doesn’t mean with less, you can’t make sales. All things being equal, the more your traffic, the more sales you stand to make.

b – You must blog on a specific topic: Most bloggers are now beginning to understand that the broader they go, the less effective their results. If you are blogging on everything health, mind you, you are going to face a lot of challenges getting the kind of results you want. The health niche is broad. Why not be very specific and target a reduced market that will respond more to your blog?

c – You must promote targeted product: You ain’t just going to promote a product because grand ma is the author. If you really want to see results, make sure the product you promote to your community is super targeted. That’s a serious sales factor.

That said, let’s have a jump into the raison d’être of this post!

1 – Product Comparison post

This is one of the post types that can help you generate a lot of affiliate sales. You can do a blog post to compare two or more products. A simple way to start with is to do Product A vs Product B kind of post. In a recent article, I did a posts for TeslaThemes Vs MyThemeShop. Now, here are some points;

  • Both companies are competitors. That means they have very similar products.
  • They must have some differences that are not clearly seen by their users.
  • They must both have affiliate programs to allow us earn commissions.

Once you’ve established these points, to get better results, try as much as possible to have first-hand experience with both products. That means you should try to use them so you can write from palpable experience.

3 foolproof ways to increase affiliate sales:

1 – Use the product
2 – Showcase your results
3 – Teach your audience how you get your results

See details on this blog posts

Product comparison posts have proven to be one of the most exciting ways to generate affiliate commissions with your blog.

2 – Problem solving posts

This is the giant post type that generates a lot of affiliate sales. Giant in that it is big enough to pull in those commissions.

Many people with a problem, who find the solution to their problem are ready to spend money to get that solution. After all, money is meant to solve problems.

Here is the trick with this post type –

First identify a problem faced by people in your niche. Then provide a solution at two levels:

  1. The first level is to help them with knowledge through your blog post how to solve the problem
  2. The second level is to recommend (on your affiliate link) a product that will quickly solve the problem.

-> Here is a quick example …

If you identify a computer virus that’s troubling users of Windows 10, for instance, what you can do is do a How-to post, teaching your readers how to get into the system registry to get rid of that virus. That’s a cool solution isn’t it?

But here is the catch…

Most of your readers won’t dare … 😉 So what you do now is recommend an anti-virus that does the job. As a matter of fact, a reasonable percentage of your readers will click to buy that anti-virus, driving some commissions into your wallet.

-> Here is another example…

If you are in the health sector, you may do an article on a disease (Yeast Infection in men, for instance). In your article, teach people how to concoct something that will help treat the illness at home. In the same article, propose a solution from an affiliate platform like MarketHealth. You see how that can help you make those commissions?

That’s it!

If you are into affiliate marketing and want to see some excellent income from your blog, you may want to add these methods to what you already do. I have used them with results. I’m sure if you apply them on your blog, you are going to see similar or more results.

Let me know what you think in the comment box. Share the post with your followers on social media.

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