The Benefits, Tips and Challenges of Content Curation

Content curation is gaining ground steadily and many content marketers are adopting it as a strategy.

Creating original content

The famous 80/20 rule recommended original and curated content to have an 80:20 ratio, which is why curated content has never been as endorsed as original content. But lately, the popularity of content curation is on par with content creation.

There are several factors responsible for the industry’s large-scale adoption of curated content. Among them are the challenges that original content creation has been facing for quite a while. See the infographic below that lists all these challenges:

Why Content Curation


As you can see, time is the key bottleneck for creating original content, followed by difficulties in finding relevant sources. The infographic offers a definitive guide on choosing the best sources for content. It also shows content curation is an SEO booster.

More on these will be discussed later. First, we’ll touch base the benefits of content curation, and then discuss the tips and the challenges. Bloggers pay attention, if you want some actionable takeaways to grow your blog traffic.

Benefit 1: Adds value, saves time

As we’ve seen, creating high-quality content that offers value is time-consuming. Doing research, gathering information and integrating them into the narrative takes time. Cost is also an issue. Professional writers can charge $50-$100 depending on the niche, the topic and content type.

Do audiences find value in curated content? The infographic below answers it:

Content Curation


Audiences find value in only 30% of original content and 100% of curated content. The reason you are curating a piece of content is you have found value in it, and so will your audiences.

Benefit 2: Building followers

There aren’t too many sources to gather information besides search engines and WiKi sites. By curating content, loaded with new information and actionable insights, you give audiences access to relevant and credible information, and build a follower-base, which is necessary for authority marketing.

Benefit 3: Staying updated

Content curation is knowledge sharing. Curated content supplies new information and keep us updated about industry trends. On a functional level, we get to know expert strategies and implement them.

Content curation tips

After the benefits of content curation, now it’s time to discuss the tips. Here they are:

Tip 1: Consistency in curation

The human brain has an innate ability to recognize patterns, which is why humans are known as world’s best pattern recognition machines. At the core of consistency is a repetition of a certain pattern. When a brand consistently curates content, audiences discover a pattern and get used to it. That’s how brand loyalty is developed.

Tip 2: Social sharing

Content curation has a high success rate across social channels. It’s been reported that 25% tweets contain links whereas 56% retweets contain links. Adding a few extra lines can increase visibility and connect the curated content to the brand’s theme. To know optimal length of the accompanying texts, see the infographic below:

The Ideal Length


Tip 3: Identifying the audiences

When it comes to building an audience, industry-specific messages are better than non industry-specific messages. See the infographic below:

Content Sharing


Note 60% industry specific messages, equivalent to almost 26% conversations around curated content are brand specific. The name of the brand or branded terms occur in such conversations. Hence, don’t forget to add brand names and branded terms to accompanying texts.

Tip 4: Better SEO

Content curation is a blessing for SEO. Search engines love value added, information driven content and natural backlinks from social media. This increases the search and social footprint on your site. Organic traffic gives way to more organic traffic.

Tip 5: Clickbait headlines

To apply this strategy, first select a topic that resonates with your brand. Then pull 10 most powerful posts from around the web written by industry thought leaders and create a list. “Top 10” type headlines are clickbait. For editorial newsletters, such headlines can be highly effective as email recipients click on headlines, which they find catchy.

Tip 6: Interview others

Interview the experts in your area of blogging. Just as you look up to them for ideas, inspiration and tips, so do many others. Getting industry related questions answered by them and spreading the words can help you create and maintain a follower-base.

Curation challenges

Curation is the bottom-most layer of the content marketing pyramid and more than 80% content marketers are utilizing it today. But the challenges that come with content curation limit its efficiency as a branding strategy.

The challenges are:

No exclusivity

Nearly 60% content marketers reported their peers and competitors are curating the same content, which they are curating. Hence, it’s hard for a content curator to position himself as the only medium that connects audiences to the original content being curated.

Customization problem

The content you are curating may not be customized enough to suit your audiences Searching the web to scour customized content could be time-consuming.

Noise factor

Industry thought leaders often disagree over several areas. You can’t be selective when curating their content. Two pieces of content may be incongruous to each other; by not being selective and curating both, you may actually end up confusing your audiences.

Multimedia content

The first infographic in the article shows YouTube is the best source to find curation-worthy content. Creating videos is way more difficult and expensive than creating text-based content – This could be a reason that multimedia content is mostly curated and seldom created.

Animated content

However, animated content can change this. Tools like GoAnimte, Powtooon and VideoScribe ease the process of creating multimedia content. GoAnimate review shows the tool has a simple drag-and-drop interface, a sea of customizable templates to create animation videos and pre-animated characters.

VideoScribe is unique because it lets you create a video in just 4 steps. It costs annual subscribers a token sum of $4/month. Powtoon piles up content from professional designers, animators and voice artists, so you could choose from a vast pool of multimedia resources and create professional-looking videos with ease.


There’s no denying that curated content is a game-changer. The only advice I can give at the end of this article is craft your marketing strategies around curated content so that your content marketing techniques become more effective.

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