10 Secrets to Creating High-Quality Content that Offers ‘Extreme Value’

What is the exact definition of a ‘High Quality Content’?

It can’t be stated as it differs from one niche of blogging to another.

Are you a blogger, entrepreneur, digital marketing strategist or a content marketer?

The value of  creating ‘High Quality content’ plays a vital role in getting success through blogging. Since there are around 2 million blog posts added online, there should be some ways, some secrets to creating an unconventional kind of content that stands out.

Blogging isn’t a simplified industry & there are several levels of complexities you will face & pass in order to make your mark in it.

Particularly when it comes to producing content, you should ensure that the prime ‘Quality Factors’ aren’t neglected in any sense.

Want to know what they are with which you can create content that can beat the competition?

In this post, I’ll cover these factors in the form of ‘Actionable Blogging Secrets’ to create best quality content for your blog.

Secret 1: Your Blog Post’s Headlines Should be Capable to Attract Readers

A headline is from where any targeted reader starts to interacts with the content.

It’s what sells the content & represent it in search engines.

And if the headline can’t grip him to read the rest of the content body, chances are high that you’ll lose him.

No matter if the quality of the content you’ve created is optimally good in your terms, it will be a waste if it’s not getting the readers it is dedicated for.

For getting higher numbers of social shares which will increase overall blog traffic as well, a solid, catchy headline works best.

It should be ‘Unique’ enough to convince your readers that they hadn’t ever read something like that before.  This ‘uniqueness’ creates an urge into the reader’s mind to look for more value.

It should be ‘Valuable’ enough to serve any informational need your target readers are looking for.

It should cover the ‘benefits’ why a reader should give his time to read the attached content.

Plus, you shouldn’t stop at making one headline for any piece of content you create just because it suits the value offered clearly.

Instead, create three-four headlines & choose the best one.

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Secret 2: In-depth Content should include around 2000 words.

A common mistake amongst bloggers is that they think of attracting their readers with a headline that is not based on truth.

For instance, a blog post titled ‘A Highly Actionable Guide to Content Marketing’ can’t be, & shouldn’t be covered within 1000 words.

A reader landing on such a post may find no reason to stick to it if the available content doesn’t justify the title he was attracted for.

Experts believe that long form content performs better.


In fact, statistical analysis reveals that long form content has its effect upon the overall ranking of a blog.

Higher ranking means more traffic, which in turn means for growth.

Blog posts of around 500 words, they are a passé.

An important fact to be considered here is that Google doesn’t want to offer just search results, but answers to the search queries.

The key-point to be covered here is that the ‘Value’ shouldn’t be compromised. It should meet the expectations of the readers sticking to it as per their needs.

Secret 3: Your Blog’s First Paragraph Shouldn’t Bore Your Reader

After the headline, the introductory paragraph is the second most significant element ofhigh-qualityy content.

I’ve seen bloggers making false promises through the headlines of their blog posts which a reader can easily guess by reading the first paragraph of the so-called ‘High Quality content’.

What’s the result?

A quick clock on the ‘Close’ or ‘back’ button in the browser.

Only one out of every ten readers landing on a blog post generally scroll down. To change this pattern of visits for your blog, the first paragraph should be useful & compelling as well.

It should include the concerns & problems you’ll be covering through the detailed blog post.

Bonus Tip: Capture your reader’s mind with the art of story-telling induced in blogging. Create stories around your content.

Secret 4: Limit Your Target Audience

A content created around the subject of ‘Benefits of Meditation for Peace of Mind’ may relate to those readers as well who are searching for ‘How to Reduce Work Stress’.

But what’s your target audience?

Are you creating a blog post for general audience or for specified targets?

If yours is the former case, believe me that you are not on the path of productive blogging.

As while creating high quality content for a broader audience target, you may fail to serve the niceties any specific underlying group of readers are looking for.

Choose a particular target to be served with your blog & then dedicate your efforts to serve them in the best possible manner.



Getting 10 readers from a targeted group of 100 is better than getting just hundred readers from a million people.

If you want to learn how to set target audience for your blog, check out this guide:

·         The Complete Guide To Building Your Blog Audience

Secret 5: Add ‘Sharable Value’ into the Content You Create

Now that you know why it is important to specify target audience, you should also understand what does it takes to create high quality content that generates higher number of social shares.

Making content about what your readers want than what you think is ‘Valuable’ is a key-point here. Otherwise, all your efforts will get wasted.
Social sharing of any particular type of content implies that the content is having significant ‘Sharable value’, the one that the target audience loves to share.

How to find what your target readers are looking for?

That’s where you need to do a little search in your niche of blogging.

Keep the idea of content you want to create in your mind & search for the already existing content based upon it.

Go through those content pieces that have higher number of social shares achieved. Understand the value points offered & then write something better – A part of Skyscraper technique.

Give it a new & molded form based upon your knowledge & your unique writing skills.

It’s how you can add that required ‘sharable value’ into your content to enhance its quality.

All that remains for the success of your content is actionable blog marketing.

Want to know how to promote your blog in the simplest way possible for maximum outreach?

There’s an I.C.B.R. Strategy for blog marketing.

Secret 6: Turn Towards making Timeless Content

Content marketing practices include creating content to promote a specific business, occurrence or affair or for making an everlasting impression in your niche.

For instance, if you’re planning to organize a webinar to promote the services you provide, the promotional content will be entirely based on that webinar, its advantages & benefits.

But when you are creating content for your blog based on a regular schedule you’ve planned, it’s better to consider making it everlasting.

Consider the example of popular SEO influencer, Brian Dean of Backlinko who had once created a blog post based on the keyword ‘List Building Strategies’.

Since the time of creation, his blog post is ranking in the top results for that keyword.


Because of its high quality, an everlasting impression to the audience it is dedicated for.

Always try to create everlasting content as it’ll produce significant traffic forever.


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Secret 7: Make a Habit of Adding Links to Authority Sites in Your Niche

You write content for you blog based on your knowledge & experience in your field.  And if your content is backed by high authority sites justifying its value, you’re likely to get benefitted with it.

Borrowed information from an influencer’s blog to frame your idea? It’s best to link to that blog posts in your content.

Linking to authority sites will improve your online presence as well.

Referencing to the content an influencer has produced also implies that you want your readers to get the most ‘Valuable’ information about the subject of your blog in that single blog post.

You’re giving your readers good reasons why they should stay connected with your blog.

Secret 8: Your Content Should be Helpful to your Readers

One of the most common qualities of highly sharable content is its approach to help the target readers in some ways.

It’s best to create content that drives action.

Readers should feel that they have gained something very ‘Valuable’ that they can utilize in the least possible time.

With actionable content, you are serving your readers in their informational need. And when a need is served, loyalty rises.

Secret 9: Touch Emotions with Your Content

Believe it or not, but you can drive your readers to share your content within their connection on Social media channels when you touch emotions through it.

How can you touch emotions with your content?

Here’s an example:

4 Ways to Make Your Content Gripping to Readers’– is a popular blog post by Neil Patel at Quicksprout.

Check the sub-sections of this post which targets emotions.


Through headline, through featured image & of course, through the body of the content.

You can do the same with your blog posts.

Secret 10: Care for Your Readers through the Content You Create

It is indeed, the most important secret to focus on creating high-quality content that drives traffic & build authorities.

The content should be reader – oriented always. You should serve them in their problems, offer them ‘Value’ & show that you care for them.


In this post, you’ve been told about 10 simple secrets to producing high-quality content.

Have you found them useful? Let me what you think by sharing your comments below.

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