How to Generate Blog Post Ideas Influencers Love

Bloggers who post more than 20 articles a month receive five times more traffic than those who post less than 4 articles a month, so it is safe to say that your online presence (or lack thereof) already affects how much traffic your site receives.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of great posts that never get the recognition they deserve. They remain unnoticed for months, if not years, simply collecting dust and hoping to someday be seen. This is where influencers come in.

To have a successful blogger promote your material to their already established audience is worth its weight in gold. That being said, you cannot simply reach out to an influencer and ask for their help. At the very least, you need a good, catchy idea that they will be unable to resist.Wise Startup Blog is using this

Wise Startup Blog is using this topic generation strategy now and saw his bounce rate go from 75% down to 25%.

Use Google to find articles to “steal” from

Just about every person I have ever encountered uses Google. It’s the search engine of choice these days, so there is no reason why we shouldn’t use it to generate quality blog post ideas, right?
The way the website tends to work is that it offers the most successful posts at the top of its search, and the progressively less successful as you scroll through the pages.
By googling our desired niche — for the purposes of this article, we will use “become an entrepreneur” — we can find out what does and does not work among Google users.
Now that we know what articles are doing well on search engines, we need to go through them and see what works best.
Top Entrepreneur Articles

Use the most successful articles

Our Google search results have turned up many different kinds of articles, but one of the top ones is an article from, titled ‘So You Want to Be Your Own Boss..’. Let’s focus on that for a moment.
When we click this link, we are able to see that it has 574 social media shares across the board, which is pretty impressive when you consider the specificity of the niche.
Social Shares
Now that you have a quality article that has a proven social media presence, you must dissect the post and figure out WHY people are sharing it so often.
My suggestion is to look at the other posts Google has recommended and try to find a common trend among them. Why are people so interested in these articles? What do they offer the reader?

Improve upon what’s already out there

Keep in mind that audiences like short paragraphs, pictures, lists, and anything that will make their reading a little less tedious. If you notice, one of the searches in Google was for an infographic, which has over 400 shares on Facebook alone.
Let’s look at this post. Your ultimate goal is NOT to copy what is already out there. It is to improve upon it. Perhaps consider taking the best parts from this article, as well as the others, to make a “detailed guide” of sorts.
Becoming an Entrepreneur
If their article is 5 tips, then make yours 10 tips
The most important thing to remember is that you want to expand upon what’s already out there and make something new and unique that will either teach the reader something new, or completely change how something is learned.
If a successful article is “Five Ways To Become an Entrepreneur”, your article should be “Ten Ways To Become An Entrepreneur” to make it bigger and better than what’s already being shared.
Once you have that quality blog post that’s a new and improved version of what is proven to sell in social media, you can send it off to influencers and hopefully get the shares and backlinks that you deserve. Good luck!
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