SE Ranking Review: Must Have SEO Tool for Bloggers and Marketers

When I started my blogging career, I have realized that proper research is one of the most important things to rise to eminence in this profession. I’ve tried out a bunch of different tools that can help with tracking keyword positions and competitor analysis.

SE Ranking made my blogging life easier and made me look at the search engine and conversion rate optimization “upside down”.  Right now I am a strong follower of proper competitor analysis and the use of suitable SEO tools for internet marketing and blogging.

In this post, I would like to explain why you should use SE Ranking for blogging and marketing needs.

In a few words about SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-inclusive cloud-based marketing tool that helps marketers and bloggers to effectively analyze and adjust marketing strategies and development projects. The tool has a free limited and professional paid plans.

Why should you use SE Ranking right away?

For bloggers, the tool can be indispensable to find the best keywords that are driving enough traffic to your blog, and based on these keywords you can write quality content and rank higher for targeted keywords in your field. If you are a newbie, you can work best with a free trial in order to test out the best SE Ranking features. Anyway, you can always upgrade it to get a well-detailed analysis of your website.

For internet marketers, the service saves your time on generating reports, minimizes communication with your clients and gives an access to a suite of useful tools for managing marketing projects.

What features are offered within SE Ranking?

All the features that are offered by SE Ranking are gold. You can integrate two or more features to develop awesome marketing strategies for your success. In the post I would like to highlight the key features that can help your website dominate in search rankings.

  • Keyword research
  • Backlink analysis
  • Position tracking
  • Website Audit
  • Social Media Management

Are you ready to jump into details? Let’s do that.

  1. Keyword Research

Semantic keyword research is the way number one to increase traffic to your website. I know that most of us still use Google Keyword Planner to find target keywords,because it is free. But make sure that other bloggers are also using the same keywords what makes the overall process hard to rank.

SE Ranking helps you find the most profitable keywords in your niche. The tool relies on its own inner database and perfectly tuned to give you a great suite of short tail and long tail keywords.

Once you enter a keyword, the result page will show a list of relevant keywords and the query popularity: high, medium and low. You can export the file using the CSV and Excel formats.

keyword suggestion tool keyword suggestion tool1
When you add keywords to the project, you will get a well-detailed statistics such as the monthly search volume (based on Google Keyword Planner tool), Competition (data provided by the Google Keyword Planner), Suggestion Bid (average, as estimated by Google) and the number of Search Results and the Rankings.

  1. Backlink Analysis

Every internet marketer knows that backlink monitoring is of the essence on the way to online success. If you run a few marketing projects, you can do that manually. But for large SEO agencies and enterprises, it is time-consuming and no final solution.  

SE Ranking helps you to track the link building campaign, find broken and bad links, prevent from spam attacks and control your links expenditures. The tool relies on Google Webmaster Tools data and it is constantly updating their backlinks database.

In contrast to other competitors like Ahrefs and Majestic SEO, Google crawlers are not blocked by the websites for some reasons. All backlinks are analyzed for the following parameters: dofollow or nofollow, type of backlink, PR, Alexa Rank, DA, Ahrefs Rank, External links, Data added, index / noindex, cached / not cached, Anchor text and Social popularity. SE Ranking also shows the top pages of the domain  for which there is a majority of the backlinks.

backlink monitoring

backlink monitoring1

backlink monitoring2

SE Ranking helps you to disavow links much easier by choosing links with low-quality score and create a ready-to-go file in order to submit to Google Webmaster Tools.

backlink monitoring3

  1. Position Tracking

Apart from finding keywords and link monitoring, you can also track website positions of your and your competitor websites using SE Ranking as well. The tool automatically monitors keyword positions every single day, so you can instantly work on increasing your rankings for certain keywords.

position tracking1

position tracking

Add a list of keywords, select the desired country and region to monitor your rankings 100% accurately. You can access your site positions data through Android or iOS mobile device and create well-detailed reports on the fly with extra data: Search Volume, Competition, AdWords suggestion bid, Results returned by Google, KEI parameter.

You can add guest links and give an access to others to check out the mobile and local rankings. Adding extra users to your account will allow your workers or clients to access only the data you wish them to see.

position tracking2

keyword suggestion tool2

  1. Website Audit

Website audit is not only a way to check out website mistakes and broken links, but also provides a list of tasks to the content manager, developer and designer in order to avoid serious technical issues. Most of the requirements are focused on creating a user-friendly website rather than facing the Search Engine algorithms.

The site audit provides a well-detailed analysis and goes through the list of ranking factors that can highlight the key downfalls that restrain you. The site is analysed for over 70 parameter like Domain overview, Health Check, Pages Analysis, Meta Analysis, Content Analysis, Images Analysis, Links Analysis, Optimization, Usability and Technologies.

website audit

website audit1

What I really like is that all detected errors are combined and come with Tips sections what help SEO newbies to easily comprehend and save the audit file in the .pdf format.

  1. Social Media Management

Tracking your social accounts with SE Ranking becomes easier than ever. The auto posting feature allows you to save 2 hours of working time per a week while managing Twitter, Facebook pages and other communities.

social media management1

All statistics for accounts in Facebook and Twitter are collected in one SE Ranking account, so the user can access the data without any need to switch between different Social accounts. Analyzing the information about a website you can easily optimize the best type of content, the best time to post a new content, the type of attracted audience and etc.

social media management

Other Features

  • Online Marketing Plan
  • White Label
  • SEO reporting
  • Competitors monitoring
  • Backlinks explorer
  • Search volume checker
  • Check page index status
  • Snippets
  • SEO potential

SE Ranking Summary

SE Ranking is one of the best all-in-one marketing tools that is designed both for SEO newbies and professional internet marketers. It provides a great overview of traffic and spots the value of SEO in the marketing industry. I found out that keyword tracking, link analysis and website audit are the most useful aspects from SE Ranking.

If you are not sure about the tool, you can test it out within 14 days in search of the best features based on your SEO needs. If you are fully satisfied with SE Ranking, you can easily upgrade to different pricing plans depending on your requests.

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