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Whether you’re a blogger, an online store, a tech startup or an online forum, it’s important to keep in touch with all your fans, followers and customers. You need to break through the incessant noise of the Internet to ensure that your most important messages are being heard. You need email marketing as part of your war chest of tools.

Boasting to provide the “world’s easiest email marketing” solution is GetResponse, a service provider that is happily serving some 350,000 customers in 182 countries around the world. It’s an end-to-end solution for all your email marketing needs.

The Money’s in the List

Before we get into GetResponse itself, let’s briefly discuss the importance of email marketing and a mailing list in the first place.


Reaching your fans and customers on a consistent basis has become an increasingly difficult challenge for companies of all sizes. Developing a following on social media is helpful, but with the rise of algorithms and the reduction of organic reach, you’re likely not reaching everyone who is following you. Your message gets drowned out by the deluge of selfies and food porn.

The relative popularity of RSS continues to dwindle and it has become even less of a mainstream solution than ever before. Through it all, people continue to use email as a primary form of communication and email newsletters have become even more powerful than ever before.

It’s said that the money is the list, partly because your mailing list is not at the mercy of some third-party network like Twitter or Facebook. It also means you have a direct channel of communication to your fans and followers, people who have opted in and demonstrated a clear interest in hearing what you have to tell them.

Setup and Configuration

Some business owners may be apprehensive or intimidated by the prospect of email marketing. GetResponse endeavors to make the process as seamless, painless and as easy as possible. The interface is both powerful and easy to understand, and they’ve put together a large collection of video tutorials to walk you through the whole process.

One of the best videos to watch is the tutorial for how to get started in just a few easy steps.

The first step is to add contacts to your mailing list. This can be done manually one by one or by importing a list (like from SalesForce or Zendesk), as might be the case with your existing customers, or you can embed a simple opt-in form on your website or on Facebook. After that, you can start designing your newsletter through the new email creator.


After providing a name and subject line, you can choose from the wealth of available predesigned templates offered by GetResponse (or create one from scratch) and customize them using the WYSIWYG editor.

It’s really easy to do, because the individual elements can be dragged and dropped into place. When you do that, contextual menus pop up for changing colors, fonts, sizes and so on. If you can use a basic word processor, you can use this email editor. Hovering over any element that you’ve already inserted also brings up these menus and additional items can be dragged over from the blocks on the right.

The message you create can be saved as a one-off or you can save it as a template to re-use for future mail-outs too. You can also define who receives the message, based on the different campaigns you have set up and you can choose to exclude certain recipients too. It’s entirely up to you and your marketing plan. Finally, you can pick whether to send the newsletter out right now or to schedule it for a later date and time.

The Advantages of GetResponse

Choosing the right email marketing provider can seem like a difficult decision. GetResponse boasts a great number of features that differentiate it from the competition. You have access to responsive email design, for example, making sure that all your newsletters look great regardless of where your subscribers are reading them.

Related to this is the Inbox Preview. Let’s say you’re putting together a newsletter on your computer with an extra large monitor. Everything might look exactly how you like it there, but how will the newsletter look when someone is reading it on the smaller screen of an iPhone?


The Inbox Preview gives you a sneak peek into how your email will render across a myriad of devices, browsers and services. Does it look the same if someone reads your message in Gmail versus how it looks in Yahoo! Mail or in Outlook? The Inbox Preview gives you that assurance.

With GetResponse, you can track the performance of any link you include in your newsletters, optimize your performance with A/B split testing, and even design and publish custom landing pages in a matter of minutes. You don’t need to be totally technical, since GetResponse has made all these tools and functions as accessible as possible.

You also have access to live chat, in addition to telephone and email, for any support you may need with your GetResponse account. Not sure how to make your newsletter looking a certain way or how to get more subscribers on your list? The support team is there to help you every step of the way. There are live webinars to teach you about generating more leads, nurturing existing contacts, and getting the most out of your account.

How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing plans with GetResponse come in four main tiers, depending on the size of your business and the complexity of your needs. The Pro plan is the most popular at $49/month for up to 5,000 subscribers, including pro landing pages and the ability to host webinars with up to 100 attendees.


At the lower end of the spectrum, a more basic Email plan is just $15 a month and supports up to 1,000 subscribers by default. By comparison, an equivalent plan with Constant Contact is $40/month and $29/month with AWeber. As your list grows, GetResponse can scale along with you. An Email plan with up to 2,500 subscribers is $25/month, whereas a subscriber base of up to 5,000 people is $45/month.

Compared to the competition, GetResponse provides a great value, especially when you factor in the additional features, the exceptional support and the ease of use. If you’re serious about your online business, you should take a look at what GetResponse can get you.

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