2 sure-fire ways to create Sticky posts, kill low time on site!

One of the things we seriously need is to keep readers on our blog posts for as long as possible. This is because the more time readers spend on our articles, the better the signals sent to search engines. So it's imperative we try as much as possible to create stunning blog posts that keep readers sticking around.

Here are three ways to create attractive blog posts that will keep readers around for a long time;


​1 - Use prettifying visuals

Visual asserts are a strong factor to keep your readers on a single article for more time than would have been. 

Some of our articles are boring long text. Sometimes we add paragraphs and headings to make them more sticky. That's awesome but more can be done to add more glue to your pages​

Adding images and videos to your blog posts can make a whole difference. To carry it to a new level, animated visual elements have proven to provoke a 'wow' shout from most readers​.

By animation, I'm not referring to gif or flash. Special effects created by some visual composers like Thrive Content Builder can make your blog posts even go viral​. (Take note of the animated objects below)

90 %

​90% of what enters the human brain is visual. That creates an importance to focus on visual creativity while creating blog posts

create attractive blog posts

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. Don't neglect relevancy.

94% more views

Some bloggers are unable to embellish their contents with beauty. There are many text things you already do that can be simply converted into graphics and make your articles more awesome. You don't  need to be the next Photoshop geek.

Here is an example - Call to action

A traditional call to action text could be something like this:

[ Click here to download your free copy ]​

But let's see what Thrive Content Builder allows us to do:​


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et.

Now, not only is that call to action attractive, here are other points I must make;

  • Thrive Content Builder makes it easy to drag and drop the call to action. There are actually many designs available
  • The animation attached to it creates more attantion
  • You can change the color, text, link easily
  • Etc

Stop publishing boring content that sends your readers away!

​People are very busy and usually don't have the time to read through some text-filled boring page. You need to add visual assets to your content to encouraging readers to stick around and boost your SEO. If you want to create sticky posts, see my review of thrive content builder here

2 - Use Statistics

300 Births today

Now, people like figures and that's true. Using stats to support your claims can make your blog posts more sticky and viral.

Presenting your stats in graphs or animated objects (like above) can literally excite your readers and keep them on the article page for long.​

Remember we are looking at elements on our articles that can make them sticky and shareable​.

Sometimes, it's not easy to get the stats to use on articles. And not all content types require stats. But for the content that can be supported with relevant stats, you can do a quick search on Google to come out with stats to support your content​.

Long or Value ?

Some people have argued that the longer your text, the more time people will spend on it. That's logically correct if they have to read every word of it.

But 'long' doesn't always mean readers will have to go through the length. If your 'long' post doesn't have value (or is poorly formatted), you practically are not going to get your readers to stick around.

Don't mix up words just to fill the gaps. If you add real value to your articles, the length will have a positive impact on your blog​.

Don't focus on length. Focus on value to pass out every detail and that will generate the required length.​

Those are the few points I want to share with you today. I hope you enjoyed the post so take an appointment with me on my blog. don't forget to drop a comment below.​

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