3 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Profitable Mailing List

In blogging, List-building is a very significant aspect for growing your blog. But beginner bloggers find it hard to grow a profitable e-mail list.

Are you one of them & are looking or useful secrets to grow a profitable e-mail list?

Let’s start with why you need an e-mail List of subscribers & how you can benefit from it.


A subscriber’s E-mail list signifies the number of readers who allow you to share the updates related to your blog with them.

Not only this, they permit you to reach out to them & sell your digital, informational products to them.

They are retained target audience obtained from the marketing funnel you’re using for your blog.

To turn them into loyal subscribers for your blog as well as into paying customers, it’s important to have built a considerably long e-mail list.

Plus, there’s no right time to start growing your e-mail list of subscribers, but now.


How will you do that?

A List community is needed to be built.

A community that you will serve with the useful content & products you offer through your blog, a community that specifically look & wait for updates from your end.

Consider an example of serving ‘Value’ to blog readers which may or may not happen in general sense.

Suppose that an influencer has written a blog post for his blog which covers the ‘Best Tools to be used for Maintaining a Blog Site’.

And interestingly, he gets a comment from one of his loyal readers that there are some more tools that can also be added into the list you’ve presented to serve more value to your readers.

That reader added a few of such tools & outlined their importance.

What’s the best thing an influencer should respond to such a comment on one of your blog post?

An expert for whom each of his loyal reader matters a lot will reply back through the comment section & thank the commenter for his input. He’ll also add his compliment on how the suggested tools will be utilized for blog site maintenance.

How do you think that reader/commenter would respond to such appreciation offered by the influencer he’s connected to?

He’ll definitely shower his loyalty to the blog & chances are high that he’ll become a paying customer for the blog as well.

This implies that each of the members of your list community should be served with ‘Value’ in all possible sense. Your blog’s growth, it will then become obvious.

‘Strategic List Building Means Opportunities to Reach Out’

List building is a process of gaining interested readers onto your side to build a community you can serve, and also profit by serving it.

Yes, it’s the basic truth in blogging world.

With your list of subscribers, you are getting interested readers who consider you as a mentor/expert for their informational needs.

Serve them well & you’ll get served with their loyalty as they’ll be eager to buy from you.

So, here are 3 Most Common Mistakes you should avoid to grow a profitable e-mail List:

  1. Considering E-mail List just For Earning Money

It is the most common mistake you should avoid to benefit from the list community you have been making. You need not to think about the e-mail subscribers as targets to suck money from.

Updating subscribers with the same offer again & again won’t serve a blog in any long-term goal.

After a certain bearable limits are crossed, the subscribers will surely begin to unsubscribe from the blog because of lack of ‘Value’ offered through it.

Money minded bloggers often make this mistake & push their readers to think odd about their blog.

They present their latest informational offering as a solution to all the reader-oriented problems & keep on repeating the same thing, though differently.

By this, the readers get confused about the best solution they offer through their blog.

The ultimate consequence is of ‘unsubscribing the blog’, often known as ‘List Fatigue’.

Do you think this way?

It’s time to change your ideologies & methods for blog maintenance.

Consider earnings as a secondary output you seek. The primary one should be the support of your blog readers to learn from your knowledge & experienced in your niche.

Don’t just build list, build a relationship through that list.

  1. Not Having Multiple Opt-In Forms for E-mail Subscription

You must be targeting different blog posts with sets of different keywords. Readers are entering & staying at your blog through different areas.

How would you turn most of such readers into e-mails subscribers? 

Multiple opt-in forms are the solution.

If your blog is having a single opt-in form so that any interested can subscribe, you are losing a considerable number of subscribers.


The ease of subscribing matters with respect to the opinion of an interested reader.

You can have the subscription opt-in form in the header section of your blog, in the sidebar, footer as well at the end of each of your blog post.

This way, you’re making it easier for subscribers to become a part of your blog’s community.

What if your prospect is leaving your blog without subscribing to it just because he can’t subscribe easily?

But with multiple opt-in forms, you can avoid this to happen.

  1. I-Know-It-All Approach to Blog Growth

This is the deadliest mistake which can affect your blog’s growth to worst possible extent.

No matter if you’ve made a list & you’ve been able to create content that ranks higher in your niche, thinking that you don’t need to know anything else closes several doors to blog growth.

With such thoughts, you’ll be working with what you know, not with what there is to know about list building & blogging.

The trends in the Blogosphere are changing with time & to grow a profitable e-mail list, you need to keep yourself abreast of the updates.

Evolution is a key to success, and the same is true in the case of blogging businesses.

Not every content goes viral online & thus, can’t lead to a profitable subscriber list.


You should never stop learning no matter how much experience you’ve gained in the field of blogging.


List Building is more than just having a certain number of subscribers interested in your blog.

With a profitable e-mail list, you’re creating a community for your blog, for the content you’re developing for your blog & for the informational products/services you want to offer.

So, build a community & nurture it with ‘Value’ because:


Your List-Community can make a path to Ultimate success of your blog, but it can lead to failure as well without proper relationship building.

What’s Actionable Here?

To grow a profitable e-mail list, it’s best to make sure that you aren’t making these mistakes in your blog maintenance & Growth strategies.

Best Way to Proceed Ahead

Discover & realize the mistakes done by setting goals for blog growth & make changes to the strategies you follow.

Measure What’s Actionable


You can also subscribe to the blogs that shares in-depth articles about becoming a Bloggo-preneur.

How much useful it is for you to know about these mistakes? Have you committed similar others as well while growing your blog? Leave your comments below.

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