How to Get 40,000 Twitter Followers and Why this Helps Your Blog

Tiny, frantic ants drive me mad sometimes.

I’ve seen them in Bali. I’ve peeped them in Fiji.

I chatted about vicious army ants in the jungles of Costa Rica during my last blog post here on Blogging Tips Dot Com. But these little buggers are different.

These little guys rarely bite. Their secret weapon: non-stop, torturous tickling. On my neck. Down my back. Along my arms.


During a recent trip to Costa Rica I enjoyed a few spoon’s worth of tapas de dulce. This local Tico treat is pure cane sugar molded into block form. I ravenously attack the block with knife and spoon. Sometimes I got a bit sloppy and the tiny little ants followed the trail of sugary, syrupy goodness on my hands and arms.

Your twitter profile page can draw in a deluge of eager, targeted blog readers. Just like ants to sugar cane. But you need to know why you’re tweeting before you lay out those sweet, diabetic coma inducing, irresistible tweets which draw in rabid readers.

40 K a Few Months Back

I hit the 40,000 follower count on Twitter 2 months ago.

After overdosing on tapas de dulce and collapsing in a sugar-induced stupor to celebrate the occasion I reviewed my twitter career. I was once a hyper tweeter, sometimes tweeting 500 to 1000 times daily. I went through the “set it and forget it” phase. For a number of months I did not even bother to “set it.” I just forgot it.

I have stuck to a few basic fundamentals over the years which helped me draw in a large, targeted, highly engaged twitter following. I’ll share these secrets……shhhh…..don’t tell anybody!….with you today. Before we dive into the tips, tricks, prayers, and black magic I use on Twitter let’s see why attracting a bunch of targeted Twitter followers benefits your blog.

How Does Attracting a Big, Targeted Following Help Your Blog?

Drawing in a ranting, raving, engaged, large twitter audience:

  • gives you social proof
  • increases your blog traffic
  • helps you score interviews on authority blogs

You do not *need* big numbers on social to gain trust but if you had a choice between 4 and 40,000 followers, any sane, rational, coherent person – who hasn’t overdosed on tapas de dulce – is picking 40,000 followers.

As has been my experience for my entire online career, the less you care about big numbers and focus on having fun, the more big numbers flow your way.

1: Have Fun Tweeting

I enjoy tweeting.

The past 2 hours I retweeted a few blogging buddies, peppering in my pictures of tropical beaches from around the world. Fiji, Bali, Thailand and Malaysia, I love posting these enticing images to my twitter stream.

Having fun on twitter helps me detach from outcomes. When you’re not obsessed with your follower count you do the exact stuff to attract a large, targeted follower count.

Imagine playing a Jedi mind trick on yourself; have fun and do not worry about follower counts. Releasing the tension, anxiety and force-filled approach to tweeting makes you magnetic to a whole mess of followers.

Tweet your passions outside of your blogging niche. Tweet your human side. Enjoy the ride!

My biggest follower surges occur during periods when I’m thoroughly enjoying my twittering. Fall in love with the medium. Watch that follower count sky.

2: See Twitter As a Conduit or Connecting Medium

Twitter is a channel. A communication channel.

Boost your follower count by seeing the platform as a connecting medium.

I recall being a twitter twit many moons ago. I didn’t connect with folks on twitter. I was a “tweet and run” kinda guy.

Since I saw the micro blogging platform as a 1 way street I didn’t see much return traffic. Twitter is just a way to build strong friendships with people. Nothing more. Don’t focus on getting followers. Devote your attention and energy to connecting with human beings.

Humans attract a bunch more followers than twitter tools.

3: Retweet and @Reply Folks on the Regular

This is one of the easier twitter tips to follow.

Every 1-2 days, retweet folks and @reply ’em too. Sharing is caring. Caring folks attract followers. Engaging tweeters attract followers.

Social, generous twitter users are in demand tweeters because engaging, sharing folks are rare birds online.

I attribute much of my large, targeted following to being….human! I gab. I retweet. I ask questions. I share answers. I retweet my followers. I retweet folks who retweet me. My following grows because I help folks. Helpful tweeters are popular tweeters. Point blank.

4: A&P

Nope. I didn’t just have a flashback to the grocery store chain in New Jersey. If I did, I was picking Foodtown anyway.

A&P on Twitter: Automate and Personalize.

Since I change time zones like most people changes clothes it’d be physically impossible to tweet my followers around the clock. I was 17 hours ahead of EST while living in Fiji for 4 months. 12 hours ahead of EST when I lived in Thailand for over a year.

Automating to tweet folks around the clock improves my visibility. More eyeballs on Blogging from Paradise from all corners of the world. Personalizing some of these tweets – as well as manual, real time tweets – proves that I am, in fact, NOT a bot.

Why Snag a Bunch of Targeted Followers?

A high volume of interested tweeters will share your tweets, click on your links and will no doubt boost your blog traffic.

No smoke and mirrors here. No mystery either.

This goes beyond traffic though. Delving into the social proof side of things you won’t be hurt by growing a large, targeted following. Few scoff at my 40 K plus following. Even fewer trust me LESS because I’ve attracted a pretty dang good sized, engaging, targeted audience.

Some sneaky bots weasel their way into your following but a healthy number of followers are real, living, breathing humans, eager to engage freely with you, your blog and your brand.

Engage. Retweet. Enjoy tweeting. Use the platform as a connecting medium.

Do you use twitter for your blog marketing campaign?

What tips can you add?

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