7 Secrets to Create Engaging Content that Stands Out

It happens to bloggers that their excitement fails to grow when they don’t get enough number of subscribers after the initial start.

As a part of the beginning, it can happen because of lack of expertise.

Beginner bloggers don’t know how to captivate the attention of blog readers to push them to subscribe.

It’s kind of an art of reading reader’s mind that can be excelled with consistency & practice.

Are you one, such bloggers who think that they can’t go further in establishing their blogging business?

Haven’t you found strategic ways to help you out with your needs?

It’s time to look deeper into your acts of blogging & understand what can be the problem in them.

Whether you are a beginner blogger or someone who’s well past the beginning stage, you won’t like the fact that your blog site is losing the traffic.

And loss of traffic means loss of subscribers.

Michael Hyatt describes the most significant reasons why a blog loses its readers & subscribers in the blog post:



But with positive mindset of a growth hacker, you should also look for the faults in your blog & the strategies you follow.

You should make sure that your blog & its content is serving the ‘Value’ that makes up its brand persona.

No Value => Fake, Pushy Persona to Your Readers => No Ultimate Gain

A blog post at DigitalMarketingInstitute.com covers Growth Hacking this way:


You must have heard & followed the fact that ‘Content is king’. But with just a little tilt of perspective, you can easily understand that ‘Context’ behind the ‘Content’ makes it ‘King’.

Millions of blog posts are posted online everyday & particular to your niche, there would be thousands or even more.

Luring the readers or information seekers to subscribe to your blog means that you are thinking about producing content that stands out.

Even Google’s algorithms have now cleared the fact that quality of content matters for gaining higher rankings.

What’s the best definition of a high-quality content that attracts readers to subscribe? 

In simple terms, high quality content is the one that captivates the readers or the target audience to follow the directed action.

It’s useful & valuable on one hand, while it’s appealing & engaging on the other.

In this post, I’m sharing 7 ‘Secrets’ of creating powerful ‘content’ with which you can offer ‘Value’ to get continuous traffic & subscribers to your blog.

1 – Repurpose Content to Engage Blog Readers

The concept of repurposing content is very helpful in creating high-quality content.

Your blog readers or targeted audience may not like to have just text-based content available at your blog.

Visual appeal of such texts can be enhanced with graphics, images, embedded videos & slide-shares etc.

Plus, you can repurpose one form of content into another to share useful ideas in an engaging manner with your readers.

For instance, you can transform the value points of a video – post in the form of a text-based blog.

Or you can transform a valuable blog post in the form of an infographic.

Consider it as an effective strategy to attract readers to your blog.

Michael Peggs has written a blog post at ConvinceandConvert.com covering the aspect of Evergreen Repurposing:


2 – Create Captivating Titles/Headlines

The titles/headlines you add into different forms of content make the first impression into the minds of target audience.

‘Titles are what sell the content’– says Corey Wainwright at Hubspot.com.


So, make them sound interesting enough to catch reader’s attention. Create the ‘Curiosity’ boost through the headline & then serve ‘Value’ through the content to justify the idea behind the headline.

Your blog readers will only be subscribing to your blog if the content you offer serves them in their needs in an engaging way.

Attractive Title, but useless body content will serve no purpose.

So, you need to keep in mind that value should never be compromised while serving your readers.

You can also make your blog content more organized to improve its Readability quotient.  You can divide your content into headings, sub-headings, bulleted lists etc. to create a flow that yours readers can’t resist diving in.

3 – Add Concise, Brief Form of High Quality Content

Long paragraphs of unappealing content aren’t the structural form used by expert bloggers of contemporary times.

Neil Patel has well described the worth of High Quality Content in his blog post – How to Create Better Content for Your Customers


Most importantly, you should understand that readers now look for Quick Form Content, with short paragraphs, bulleted lists of key-points, engaging graphics etc.

Anything that’s tedious & boring won’t be preferred at all.

You are creating content for human readers, and not machines.

4 – Optimize with Respect to Targeted keywords

Have you been doing all that you can in terms of Search Engine Optimization to improve rankings of your blog?

Then you must know why you should use apt keywords in content you create for your blog posts.

Keywords are significant to tell search engine crawlers about the subject of content you’re creating for your blog.

Plus, they are also significant from a reader’s perspective as well. Your blog’s readers shouldn’t feel as if the context of your blog post is not fixed & useful.

For that, use of keywords ensures that you’re covering the main subject throughout the blog posts & not losing track in between.

Kristin Hines has written a valuable blog post at Moz.com covering this aspectHow to Use Keywords throughout Your Marketing Strategy?


Higher engagement by the readers to the content of your blog implies that you’ve offered ’Valuable’ information through it & haven’t lost track of the subject you’re discussing.

And targeted keywords play a vital role in enhancing reader engagement metrics for your blog post.

5 – Maintain Your Uniqueness, Your ‘X-factor’

Before moving in to become a part of this blogosphere, you must have read about several different expert bloggers & influencers in your niche.

And if you try to observe why all such experts have become the ‘Experts’, you’ll find that they have unique style of presenting their opinion, their expertise to their target readers.

No matter if they are talking about the same subject through their content, their tone, quality & manner of presentation sounds distinct.

Out in the adjacent line of experts, you may have also found bloggers who seem to pretend like experts, but fail to reach out to the target audience.


They haven’t realized their ‘X-factor’ yet.

 How can you add that ‘X-factor’ & ‘Uniqueness’ to the content you’re creating?

The simplest way to do this is to transform your style of writing in line with your actual thoughts.

If you’re just copying influencers in their opinions & perspectives through the content of your blog, your readers can easily judge that (Whether you believe it or not).

But it is when you make your own opinions by learning from the influencers & not copying them, your style will get that ‘Uniqueness’ & become distinct.

Same concept, same context if presented through blog content in a unique style, will enhance the overall quality of the blog.

Sean Bestor has written at LeadPages blog about the significance of Unique Content:


6 – Leverage The Power Social Media With Quick Sharing Widgets

Are you active on Social Media Channels to improve your brand persona?

Chances are higher that your blog’s readers are active upon these channels as well.

And if you aren’t providing social media icons adjacent to your blog posts with which they can quickly share your posts, you are losing a large amount of followers & friends for future growth.

There are widgets available to make social sharing easier.

So, make sure you have such widgets & icons installed in your blog for quick sharing.

10 Tips for Making Your Content Easier to Share on Social Media – A blog post at Ezoic.com covers this aspect:


7.    Form The Base to Your Content With External Linking

Are you sharing an idea or a concept that’s high in trend in your niche of blogging?

Instead of simply asserting what’s there in your mind as a part of content you create, back it up with facts & value-points to add credibility.

Research online for expert’s opinions about that idea of yours & add links back into your content.

Just like your readers get to know about your blog for the quality of content you’re producing, they may know influencers of your niche as well.

And backing your content with excerpts from influencer’s blog indicates that your statements are well checked & tested for their worth.

The more your blog’s worth is justified through such ‘Valuable’ links, the higher is the probability to building subscriber’s list for your blog.

And if the influencers you have quoted through your blog can get impressed with your blog post & share it with their readership, it’s a Win/Win situation.

Ranking, traffic, subscribers etc., you will get it all.


To sum up, it should be added that the primary motive to serve your readership with should be nothing else, but to serve it with ‘Value’.

It is when you focus on creating ‘Valuable’ content, that ‘Value’ will become your identity.

Monetizing of blog isn’t that much difficult afterwards.

Alongside, you should also keep in mind what your target audience/readership requires or is looking for.

With better understanding, you can create content that stands out & will build your e-mail list of subscribers.

Let me know what you think about it. Share your views in the comment section below of how you will be improving your strategies to build content that stands out.

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