6 Ways to Use Your Business Blog to Increase Social Media Followers

Many consumers have abandoned blogging in favor of communicating in short bursts on social media sites. For businesses and marketers, however, blogging is more important than ever, giving them the chance to increase search engine visibility and provide interesting information to potential customers.

With the right touches, a businesses blog can drive traffic to its social media platforms. This increases the number of followers, giving brands a bigger built-in audience for any announcements they need to make.

Here are six great ways brands can use their blogs to generate social media followers.

Become an Authority

One way to boost your brand’s exposure is through becoming a thought leader in your industry. Thought leaders become respected for the level of expertise in their fields, whether they run a Wall Street investment firm or a veterinary clinic. Once you’re a thought leader, your posts will be read and shared, especially if you’re offering in-demand information. Your blog gives you the chance to go beyond the limitations of social media updates, but through your blog, you can also invite your readers to sign up to follow you on Twitter or Facebook to get more tips.

Add Buttons

When your readers want to share one of your insightful blog posts on social media, is there an easy way? It’s so simple to add share and follow buttons on Blogger and WordPress, there’s no reason to leave it off. Once you have these buttons in place, your customers will continually be reminded that you have a social media presence with every blog they read.

Share Blog Posts

While you’re asking your readers to share your posts on social media, don’t forget to share them yourself. When you post something particularly insightful, your followers are likely to share it with their own followers, which will then bring new attention to your social media profile. This will in turn bring you new followers, as well as possibly leading to a sale and new blog readers.

Guest Post

If you’ve built a readership for your business blog, you’ve likely noticed many of those readers already know about your brand. The goal is to introduce new people to your content. Contact colleagues and offer an exchange where they host you one month in exchange for a later post from you. In each instance, tweet the link to your followers in the hopes your guest blog exchange partner will share the post and bring even more readers to the post.

Include a Call to Action

If you want your blog readers to follow you on social media, one of the best ways to accomplish that is to simply ask. Just as you would end a blog with a call to buy your new product or check out your website, you can ask readers to follow you on one of your social media sites. To increase follows, have a special reason they should follow you, such as a contest or other incentive.

Quote Experts

As you’re trying to establish thought leadership in your industry, don’t underestimate the power of quoting other experts on your blog topics. When you add these quotes, you can tag the person while sharing the article online. This tag will then prompt them to share the link with their own online followers, giving you additional exposure. This is also a great way to network within your industry, since your colleagues will likely be flattered to be asked to offer an opinion on various topics.

A business’s blog is a great way to boost search engine visibility and establish itself as a thought leader. It can also drive sales and social media follows when handled correctly. The first step is to create interesting social media updates and blog posts that make customers want to learn more. Then businesses will be able to integrate those profiles and encourage customers to move between the different platforms to learn more about that brand.

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