8 Must Have SEO Tools for Bloggers in 2016

Though a site with no foundation cannot stand alone, so it is also not possible to rank well without optimizing your blog. W are all are aware of the fact that content is the king in SEO, but how many of us know that the right kind of links provide a great opportunity through which you can rule search landscape. Building proper links is a long and back-breaking process. The time and effort it takes to build links and track their progress is something many site owners and blogger lack.

To guide you through this journey, here are few SEO tools which can improve your business drastically in the year 2016. Let us take a look at these interesting and top tools of various categories.

  • Firstly, tools for keyword research are like Raven tools, SEMrush, Web CEO online and Moz.
  • Secondly for link building, top tools are Raven Tools, UpCity Moz and Cognitive SEO.
  • Thirdly for commentating analysis, best tools are again Moz, Web CEO online, traffic travels and Raven tools.

Many of these tools also help with tracking and reporting the results of your SEO efforts and rankings as well. In addition to checking out the many tools below, we also recommend not making these common SEO mistakes.

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Now lets us go through them in brief and how they can assist you in future:

1) Raven Tools: – The main advantage of raven tool is it has got the ability to report everything in one location. Doesn’t matters if you have 1 or 15 different projects. It can really reduce the complexity and simply the process.

2) Moz: – You can say it is one of the popular tools on list this year. They are not new but have been for a long time and keep on offering basic as well as advanced tools to satisfy your SEO needs. They have a long list of research tool as well.

3) Web CEO Online: – Web CEO Online is a web based platform especially designed for digital marketing agencies. This is also helpful for those who want to optimize their website. This is a standard SEO tool providing keyword rankings for particular locations. It can also

Offer automatic submission to your search engines which makes it full of scope and user friendly.

4) SEMrush: – I consider this as one of my favorites which gradually rose to the top slowly. This is a good competitor analyzer as well as offering advanced keywords. Basically it can provide an eagle’s eye view of how your site is performing.

5) UpCity: – Folks who are new to SEO, UpCity tool is the solution to their problem. It can offer a checklist of activities when people new to SEO are making sure they cover every single base. Just give it a try for some really good SEO experience.

6) Cognitive SEO: – This is a useful tool which is also a powerful one and shows data in a very clear and user friendly way. It’s not something exceptional than Raven tool but it has some qualities which are at least better than its competitors. Let me tell you how it can guide you with an example. I had a friend who was penalized by Google for an unnatural link penalty. After my friend used that tool it was too easy to sort and find all the back links and quickly generated disavow file and very soon they were out form the category of Google’s bad books.

7) Traffic Travis: – If you are looking for some user friendly tool with clear instructions, great layout and a simple set of tools, Traffic Travis will be best for you. The most amazing factor is its available free of cost. There is a Pro-version as well but is really affordable than other big names of SEO tools. Although, people more concerned about competitor analysis feature will be disappointed by this free of cost tool.

8) Advanced Web Ranking: – AWB is considered as an organized tool capable of completing many tasks at a glance, it has a clean user interface to help customers create custom reports. No doubt about their frequent updates along with customer service.

Are you getting the most out of your SEO tools?

The majority of these SEO tools are used to make our life easier and more manageable. They also help us work more efficiently. The tools mentioned here are based off surveys, site owner recommendations and expert analysis — all of which are also extremely efficient as well as trustworthy. Give them each a try and see how they can help your site rank higher in the search results.

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