7 Things You Should Add to Your Blog Posts Right Now


It makes me sick when people use useless elements on their blog.

In the previous blog post, Ryan wrote about the things you should clean up from your blog. That was cool!

What should you replace the useless elements on your blog with? That is what this post is about.

No matter how greatly you paid attention to the design and quality of your blog. There are certain things that are missing in your blog. You may argue that you included all the important elements on your blog that are important. You think that you’ve paid attention to every detail of your blog. Yet, you are missing something! Some of the aspects of blogging are overlooked by you.

Personally, when I started a blog, until a year I thought that  “Well, I’ve included all the important things that a blog should have.” But I was wrong.

I’ve researched some of the most effective elements that should be needed by a blog, but yet most of the times ignored by you. I’ll present you those things.

Include popular posts

Popular posts widget is the must for a blogger. According to 80-20 rule, 20% of your blog posts drive 80% of your blog traffic. Including those 20% of the posts on your sidebar works great.

It helps you to decrease the overall bounce rate of your blog. Readers who finish reading the current blog post, more likely find it interesting to look at your popular blog posts.

On my blog, when I analyzed the heatmap, the most viewed and clicked element is the popular blog posts widget.

There are various plugins on WordPress that can help you add popular post widget to your WordPress blogs like WordPress Popular Posts and Top 10.

I advise you to add popular posts widget manually if you know the basics of HTML.

Popular post widget

As you can notice that the above widget of my blog is very attractive as it contains visually attractive images.

I applied “Gaussian Blur” to background images so that text will stand out. I got plenty of positive responses to the widget.

Include a page for tools you use

Many of your readers will be interested in knowing all the tools, that you are using on your blog. A toolbox page on your site helps greatly to them and also increases your affiliate sales. For Pat Flynn, his toolbox page accounts for more than half of his affiliate sales. It was no surprise to me.

Tools I use

Create a WordPress page with a name like “My Toolbox” or “Tools I trade”. Include all the free and premium tools you use on your blog for building it. Make it attractive.

Now publish the page.

Include the page link in your primary navigation menu.

Make it stand out of other menu items on your navigation bar.

Include your face on the sidebar

This is important. Many of the bloggers don’t include an avatar of theirs on their blog. Or they include the picture of theirs only on the ‘about me’ page of their blog. They are missing a lot.

By including your picture on the sidebar, you add humanistic flavor to your blog. Readers build a bond with your personality. Readers aren’t robots. They too are humans.

Don’t make your blog a lonely place for your readers by not including a picture of yours. Add some bio and your avatar in the sidebar, so as to increase the readership of your blog.

Include a subscribe form above the fold

Readers come to your blog and then they like your blog. They now want to get email alerts whenever you publish a blog post. They are not that savvied to set up RSS alerts for themselves. What do they do? They quit. You lost a reader!

Bloggers tend to only stress on building their list. They push their visitors and readers only to sign up for their newsletters.


On the majority of the blogs, there is no subscribe form to get alerts on new posts.

You need no extra plugin to setup this.

This feature comes along with the default Jetpack plugin of your WordPress site.

Subscriptions activate

You need to activate the feature under Jetpack settings.

Subscription widget

Now you need to enable the widget under appearance section of your account.

That’s all. You’ve created a blog post alert subscription form widget for your blog. After setting up this widget, you’ll wonder how many people are interested in getting notified for every new post of yours.

Include an Alexa widget

When your Alexa rank is too low, you may resist to include Alexa rank widget on your blog.

But wait. You should include the widget to increase your Alexa rank.

The fact is that Alexa only counts the traffic from visitors who have Alexa toolbar installed on their blog. If you want Alexa to count all the visitors on your blog, then it makes sense for you to include Alexa widget on your blog.

There’s a plugin called Alexa Rank Widget that lets you easily add the widget to your WordPress blog.

I came to know about this in an article by Yaro Starak from Entrepreneur’s Journey.

Add opt-in box above your recent posts

If you want to grow your list fast, I suggest you add an opt-in box widget at the top of your page below the navigation bar.

It should be visible when people land on your homepage or even a post.

In many blogs, this widget offers the most conversions.

Include an advertise page on your navigation bar

You may be unaware of how popular your blog is until you include an ‘advertise’ page on your blog.

Create an ‘advertise here’ page on your blog, and link to it on the homepage.

You need to include the following things on your page.

  • Alexa rank
  • Your social media fans
  • Your daily unique visitors
  • You need to also include the rates for the various dimensions of the ads.
  • Guidelines for direct advertisers

This page attracts you a lot of direct advertisers to your blog and thus increases your revenue.

Up to you.

Make sure you include all the above elements to your blog, it build it super-fast. Once you did it, you’ll notice the real difference.

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