How bloggers make money on autopilot with AM!

Many people today are asking questions to know how bloggers make money. The truth is that there are many different ways bloggers make money online today. I wrote a post on 15 different ways bloggers generate income. One of the methods they turn to is affiliate Marketing. The reason is that starting Affiliate Marketing does not require any huge investments and the money can start coming in really quick.

But it’s not easy to bank big with Affiliate Marketing especially these days when competition in some niches is fierce. That means you’ll have to learn to do it correctly. Pasting affiliate banners on sidebars or post content area may not put smiles on your face.

How bloggers make money on autopilot

Some few bloggers have cracked the code. They know how to do the right things and now, their blogs keep generating income for them even when they are on the move or somewhere partying.

What have they done that generates income for them on autopilot with Affiliate Marketing?

Here are some three things they have done. If you want to see more results with your blog, I recommend you consider following their path.

How bloggers make money with Affiliate Marketing – things they do/have done.

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1 – They spent on courses!

The truth is, there are lots of free materials on the subject online today. To find out yourself, type the keyword ‘Affiliate Marketing’ on Google and you’ll get thousands of pages popping up.

Though we have a plethora of free information online today, that doesn’t replace premium, paid materials with actionable tips.

The most successful affiliate marketers have undergone some paid training or coaching at one point. Most of them have signed to paid training platforms or bought some paid ebook or video course.

What’s the point? Everything is almost free online today!

Paid courses are backed by value. Though there are some valueless paid courses out there, a cross section of them will match your investment with acceptable value. One of the things you get when you buy a course is the support from course author.

From my experience, most of those who have succeeded in publishing a training program on Affiliate Marketing are successful affiliates themselves. So it makes sense to buy from them because their courses are backed by examples and actionable steps.

I started off by paying for affiliate marketing programs and buying video and ebook courses. I have seen my share of losses and gains. But in a nutshell, I got more results in what I spent money on.

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I generate income on my blog through affiliate marketing. So I wrote an ebook called Affiliate Marketing for bloggers showing bloggers how I make money.

Not only that…

Some other top bloggers (including Zac Johnson) make a lot of money with Affiliate Marketing. They do a lot of juicy things most of us don’t know about. In my course, you’ll discover some of these things.

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 2 – They use their blogs carefully wisely

Any successful blogger that makes money with Affiliate Marketing has at least one active blog that generates real income. One of the things you’ll find out is that they promote the products they use. That’s a strong sales point.

When you use something that works for you, it will be easy to sell it to your readers. The reason is that you have backings and proofs that you are not promoting trash.

One of the things successful affiliate bloggers do is that they write how-to posts, focusing on the products they use and promote. They also do in-depth tutorials and review posts (based on uses not just features)

These post types (How-tos, Tutorials and in-depth reviews) generate a lot of income for the writers. With proper keyword research and SEO, they get targeted traffic months and years after and that keeps generating sales even while they are not there.

3 – They focus on recurring earnings

That’s the power of earning on autopilot. You promote a product and generate a sale once but get paid month after month.

Most products that pay recurring commissions are membership sites where the client signs up and pays monthly fees. Each time his account is billed, you are paid your commissions.

This is the biggest way affiliate bloggers make money automatically. They create more reviews, how-tos and tutorial blog posts on membership or subscription products.

Once they generate a few sales on different platforms, the monthly commissions build up to thousands of dollars.

One of the affiliate review posts I wrote a few months back got some of my readers to signup to the platform I reviewed.

How bloggers make moneySince publishing this post, I have not done anything else on it but it keeps generating income through a few signups. Now, the more signups I can promote this post and get, the more money I’ll make from this single platform.

3 ways to earning big monthly income

As an affiliate blogger, it’s possible to earn big income from your blog. While this may take time, it is highly possible.

Some bloggers come on board today and think the’ll start earning enough money tomorrow to drive big cars and live in mentions. That’s a broken short term dream.

But you can earn big income in a long run. How is that possible?

  1. Focus on building a popular blog by publishing content that attracts readers
  2. Create SEO friendly articles to constantly get traffic from search engines
  3. Monetize by promoting products that pay recurring income.

Now, these are some 3 things top bloggers do to generating income on autopilot with Affiliate Marketing. Like I mentioned above, there are many ways bloggers generating income online and Affiliate Marketing is one of them.

When you do this rightly, you will be seeing awesome passive earnings

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