Establishing a Blogging Business: The Most Valuable Fact Described To Gain Success

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced blogger, researching & analyzing your competitor’s blog for making modifications in your ‘Actionable Strategies’ is something you constantly do.

But it happens that most of the bloggers don’t achieve the required readership & ‘Success’ even after implementing what they felt was ‘Actionable’.

What can be the ‘Fault Line’ that’s not considered?

If other bloggers are making ‘Success’, this means that there’s truth & ‘Value’ in the ‘Actionable Blogging Secrets’ described by experts online.

But if the ‘value’ doesn’t turn out to be useful for your blog site, you might be missing the piece or block to complete the puzzle of BLOGGING.

Neil Patel has covered the ‘Value’ of information as ‘Quality of Content’ saying that only a small portion of content available on the internet is of high quality.


No growth in readership or less Likes, Shares over Social Media as much as what you expect, it can happen to any blogger.

The reason is that there are certain common blogging paths every blogger follow from start to end.

You may be following one of them for creating blog post content & ‘Useful Stuff That Sells’ for your blog, promoting them like everyone else & thus, joining a league of other bloggers.


No success can be the result of ‘No Change’.

Every sort of information offered in blogging needs to have a ‘Uniqueness’ factor available for readers.


Every blog site, no matter if they belong to the same niche should have an ‘X-factor’ that makes up the required growth & success.

If you’re same as every other blogger who’s helping readers with useful information, what’s the point that the readers should visit your blog & not of your competitors?

Same information for similar reader groups, you may be targeting just as your competitors are doing.

And that’s where readership gets divided.

Other than this, there are common blogging blocks every blogger face on his journey into the world of blogging.


Darren Rowse of ProBlogger have concluded three types of blogger’s block in the podcast – ‘Battling Bloggers Block – Where Do You Get Stuck?’



Consider yourself at the earliest stage of becoming a blogger. You’ll be researching how you can promote your passion for ‘Writing’ through blogging. You would be looking for ‘blogging tips’ or ‘blogging secrets’ that are popular online & have ample count of readers associated with them.

Now think of any other beginner blogger similar to you. What would he be doing?

Is the path they would follow same as yours?

Chances are higher that they are forwarding in a way same as yours. But the key to understand is that following the same or similar path to develop a blog won’t be less effective if you understand how & where ‘Uniqueness’ can be introduced.

Just knowing about ‘Secrets’ to be followed & not why they should be followed is one of the aspects left undiscovered by the bloggers.


Another common reason of why bloggers fail is more individual in nature. They start the blog with a thump, continue to work upon it without any return, any reward until a point is reached where they just can’t continue blogging as they aren’t getting what their blog deserves.


Derek Halpern of Social Triggers covers this by saying that ‘Lack of Result demotivate even the most ambitious individual.’


When you have huge amount of information available on the Internet on ‘how to start a blog’, it’s obvious that such significant things are left unrealized.

And if you know the attached ‘Why’s ‘related to blogging, you probably won’t get to know how you should make it different from the rest of your competitors.

This means that you haven’t developed the MINDSET TO BECOME A BLOGGER yet, but follow anything that comes forward to you as ‘Useful’.


In this post, I’m covering the most ‘Valuable’ fact to gain success in blogging business.

I’m not only describing this fact here, but also making them ‘Implementable’ from the very moment you read them.

Do you really want ‘Success’ with your blog site? Then in one way or the other, you should understand these facts thoroughly.

Once you understand how they have an impact upon your blog site, you’ll certainly be able to know how to make your blog ‘unique’.


So, here it is:


‘No Blog Site Should Compromise ‘Value’ To Be Offered With Anything Else.’


This is the ultimate fact that no blogger should ever undermine or feel less inclined to.

Blogging business is based on what ‘valuable’ you are presenting to your readers. It doesn’t matter what your niche of blogging is, your blog posts should be dedicated to offer the required ‘useful’ information your readers are relying upon you for.

Now, that ‘usefulness’ shouldn’t be only based on what your knowledge base says about the subject of any blog post.

What will make up the ‘value’ of your blog?

There’s not one factor to be considered for it.


Rand Fishkin at says that there is relevancy, helpfulness, uniqueness etc. that makes up the ‘Value of a blog post.


The requirement of your readers, their expectations from your blog can be different from you think they’re looking for.

Understanding your reader’s perspective is a skill every blogger should develop on their journey as a blogger.

If you can’t understand that perspective, you’re losing the probability of growing a ‘Successful’ blog.

How will get to know whether you have that skill or not?

Look for the reader engagement parameters with your blog posts which symbolize the extent to which you have understood what your reader is expecting from you.

The more you understand their expectations, the more your blog site will have to offer. This implies ‘Success’ in blogging.


Self Assessment Factors to Know About Your Blogging Skills

Obviously not every niche of blogging can be covered with the same skill-set. Yet, the roots of these skills have the following three factors as the ‘Value Determiners’:

  1. Uniqueness & Readability – It’s valuable to have the same topics in any niche of blogging described in a fresh, new way so that the readers should reach the ‘Value-points’ clearly & easily. If your competitors are saying that ‘X’ comes nearly at the end of all the alphabets, you can say that ‘X’ comes after ‘W’ or before ‘Y’. It makes ‘Value-point’ more readable & easy to grasp. Now your readers shouldn’t be left with just surfacial definitions. You should also facts & figures to support your point. Defining the same thing in a new & attractive manner is how you are doing your part to entice readers.


For instance, researching about fun-facts that your target audience would love to read can be a better way to work upon the readability of your blog. This is what Irwin Lagman at is saying about ‘How to Create Unique Content?’


Similarly, visual impact of the blog posts is significant as it’s what makes the blog posts more engaging for the readers.

Lanr Oni at describes how blog’s visuals should be optimized for maximum impact in his blog post – Optimizing Your Blog’s Visuals in order to make an Impact.


  1. Ease of Implementing ‘Value-Points’ – Now that your reader has been given a reason to stick to your blog post, you should add how he can implement something into his blogging life, as a beginner or as a slightly advanced blogger. This is what creates the thrust to push an engaged reader to become a loyal reader. You’re helping him in a way, no matter how small or big the impact is.

 Moving deeper from ‘What-to-Do’ to ‘How-to-Do’ is a significant way to increase your blog’s worth.

Asher Elran has written a post at Kissmetrics on ‘How to Make Your Content Actionable’ where he included this point.


  1. Value Backing: Anything you present to your readers shouldn’t be limited to what you think is ‘Useful’. If there are no supportive evidences of why anything is ‘valuable’, your readers may not like to go with it. So, your blog post content should include well researched data. Even if you’re presenting something new & exceptionally useful, you can merge facts & figures to determine its worth & why you think it should be followed.


How to Work upon These Factors & Improve Your Blog Site?

If you haven’t thought about these factors before, your ‘Blog Success’ may be struggling with an unexpected condition.

But you can skyrocket the traffic, build better relationship with your readers & eventually generate revenue by making simple changes to your blog site.

Start with analyzing the frequency at which you’re creating blog post content. You may be creating or are thinking of creating a lot of content (as a beginner) just because you feel your readers would get benefit from it.

Carolyn at has cleared the idea of frequency of blogging in the post, ‘How Much Content Do You Need to Create?’-


If you’re not planning like this, you are blindly following your perspective & not your reader’s perspective.

 Plus, if the number of readers you are gaining is far less than what you expect, the ‘value-points’ provided in your content may not be useful for the targeted readers.

Thus, it’s better to analyze the performance of any of your blog post, how many readers it can attract, how much traffic it is bringing to your blog site, how much social media impact it is making etc.

Obviously, you can’t make better analysis when you have volume of content exceeding the manageable limits.

If you are beginner in the field of blogging, you should practice how to create ‘valuable content’ by keeping in mind certain key points.

Even otherwise, if you feel you’re failing behind time in creating content for your blog, you can use quick tips given by Zac Johnson at in his blog post titled – 13 Quick Tips To Create More Content In Less Time.


Limit yourself to create less quantity of content, but without neglecting ‘Value’ to be served.

You should spend more time in adding ‘Value-Plus-Points’ in your blog post content, the ‘Quality’ factor so that readers should feel satisfied by making a connection with your blog site.

The next thing to be done is to look for popular bloggers, Influencers in your niche & go with their blogs.


Search for what ‘values’ they are serving & how they are presenting things to their readers.
Connect with them, learn from their blogs & implement that to your blog content. It should be one of the key elements of ‘Blogger Outreaching Strategy’ you are following.

It will help you as a blogger. Plus, it will also help your readers to know what other experts in your niche are talking about on a particular subject.

Julia McCoy at has pointed out how connecting with the Experts would be helpful:


It’s best to rely upon an expert’s stuff than to continue presenting low quality information to your readers.

And lastly, you shouldn’t compromise with the Readability Enhancement Parameters for your blog site. For instance, images, audio section, video section, the overall theme of a well defined blog site, they should be perfectly covered with the help of a knowledgeable web designer & developer.

There is stuff available on how to create a blog in an hour, or in a day. WordPress blog sites are mentioned in this type of Instant Blogging ideas.

But if you are looking forward to have a well defined blog site with apt components to serve the purpose it has been designed for, anything ‘Instantaneous’ won’t do justice with it.

‘Repurposing content’ is another possible way to add such ‘Parameters’ to your blog site for maximum benefits.

The concept of ‘repurposing concept’ is best described in the Complete Guide to Build Blog Audience’ by Neil Patel & Aaron Agius.


Give required time for website design & development to add basic components to serve your blogging niche. Let the designer work upon your ideas on how you want the blog site to look like & the website developer to develop functionalities suitable to blogging for you.

Bringing in experts will surely affect the quality in the initial stages as well as in the blog maintenance phase.

For instance, creating interactive images & infographics supporting your blog posts isn’t something you can do better than a skillful graphic designer.

The expense made this way will be worthy enough as a productive investment.


Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.

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