6 Tips for Great Domain Names

Everything starts with this…

Your blog domain name.

This is what people enter to access the server where your blog exists.

It’s what people links to get you more traffic.

It’s what people tell their friends to come and check your site.

It’s the first thing people know about your site.

So is it important?


So how to make the most out of it? That is where this post comes in hand.

You’ll discover tips to make sure you choose the right domain for your blog.

Are you ready?

Try to go for .com

The 1st tip you need to know before starting your planning session is that  you need to use .com.

Since most of the blogs on the internet are .com, many people assume that all blogs are .com

So direct visitors will 99% of the time type .com in your domain name, and you’re losing traffic for the other guys because you don’t own the .com

It may seem not that important, but it’s.

Make it easy to be memorable

As I said in the introduction, people will refer others to you by telling them your domain name.

What if your name is not that memorable? They’ll easily forget you, and you’ll lose a precious potential customer or client who could refer you to more and more customers and clients.

So try your best to be memorable. Sometimes strange is memorable, so mix things up and ask your trusted friends about their opinion.

Make it short…

… as much as you can.

Shorter domains are often time more memorable than longer ones.

Also, it’s easier to type and memorize when needed.

Would you rather remember ChrisGarrett.com or chrisg.com?

I bet you choose the latter.

Of course, it’ll be hard now to find 5-character-domain names, but I ask you to find the shortest.

But make sure that you don’t choose a small weird name that people may not be able to remember.

Try not to use Hyphens or Numbers

Hyphens and numbers are hard to say verbally for others.

Which is easier to say, blogging “hyphen” tips.com or bloggingtips.com directly?

Another question, what will people think when you say 10 bloggingtips.com? Many will think about the number as a number and type 10, and many will write it in words, so they’ll write tenbloggingtips.com

And this makes you lose more visitors on the long run.

So whenever possible, try not to use hyphens or numbers.

Brainstorm possible keywords first

Many will think that I recommend this tip for SEO, which is partially true.

Yes, it may be great for SEO, but it may have a negative effect on your SEO when done wrong.

I recommend it because it tells people what your site really is before they even check it out.

You can add an adjective to make it unique and more memorable, but people will know what your site is all about.

A good example that comes in mind is smartpassiveincome.com by Pat Flynn.

Pat did a good job in choosing the domain name. The keyword here is passive income, and then he added smart to make it more memorable, but you know that the site is about passive income before you visit it, right?

Don’t be Over-Creative

I could consider this the most important tip.

Many people try to be “over creative” when coming up with a domain name, but most of the time, this don’t go the way you thought.

A good example is flickr.com. When people pronounce the domain name, people always think flicker.com, and it happened.

Flickr people needed to purchase flicker to prevent that leak.

So why do you put yourself in this situation losing readers over the long run.

So how to come up with the domain name?

The best thing you could do is sit down and brainstorm on a paper potential domain names. Your creativity will rise as you write more, but don’t be over creative here.

Sometimes, you may need an assist.

Some tools could help you come up with several ideas by putting in the main keywords you’re after. A good example is spaces business name generator. It was created for people to create their store. You could find ideas and leave it, or you may consider using it if you’re after creating an online store.

Another cool tool you may need to check is nameboy.com. These times will help you at least come with a good idea for your future domain name.


Coming up with a domain name can be intriguing and time-consuming, but don’t overthink it.

There is nothing worse than procrastinating on the wrong things and not starting your business at all.

Think about it for some time, but when you come up with a good name, go with it and start your business.


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