How to Be Heard in a Noisy Blogging Niche

Snag your megaphones.

Grab your microphones.

If you are disgusted with your “cricket and tumbleweed” audience you are in the right spot.

Way back in the day I recall checking my stats.

3 page visits. A day. Probably the same, poor soul. Who had mercy on me. Who felt bad for me. Who did their part to contribute to my traffic fund. Donating their time. Doling out their love.

Fast forward to the current day RB. Some people think I’m the most famous digital nomad blogger on the planet. At least after the bribe money changed hands. I have graced a few of the top blogs on earth.

I spend more time in the tropics than malaria.

I change time zones like most people change clothes.


I know what it’s like to be drowned out in a noisy blogging tips niche. I also know how to be heard, independent of the popularity of your niche.

Here’s how you do it.

1: Work Creatively (Do NOT Think Competitively)

Meet Zac Johnson. If you are new to Blogging Tips Dot Com. Or if you have been in an “online coma” for the last 20 years. Yes, Zac has been online for over 20 years. He’s a legend. He’s made millions. He’s famous. He’s an icon in the blogging and internet marketing niches.

He has been heard more than just about any blogger in his niche.


He works creatively. More importantly he does NOT think competitively.

He works with; not against. Peep the last 10 posts on this guest. Peep how many guest posts he accepts. He works with fellow talented (save me) bloggers to create helpful, beneficial content for his audience. He promotes us freely. He does not seem me or any other guest blogger as competition, or as an enemy.

Which is exactly why the man has made millions online.

He’s heard in a noisy blogging tips niche because he creates FOR. He doesn’t think about going against anybody.

Rule 1 for you folks who seem to be meekly crawling through the blog-o-sphere. Like a church mouse scrambling for wafer crumbs.

2: Follow Your Fun….or Do Not Bother

Take me.

I have approximately 0.00003 ounces of writing talent in my body. But I’m having oodles of fun these days. So I’m kind heard. I guess.

I genuinely see myself as a chimp whose fingers tap on keypads. Yet some readers have compared me to Darren Rowse or Zac or Neil Patel or other blogging legends. Their words. Not mine.


People who blog pretty much solely for fun are so few and far between that we stick out like sore thumbs. Or like gringos in the remote jungles of Costa Rica (I know. I’ve lived there).

I devote about 98.9867% of my energies to having a freaking blast. Naturally, I will be the brightest of lights to like-minded bloggers who are freaking starving to have as much fun as I do.

I do set up blogging income streams. But my predominant intent is to have fun. Meaning I’m kinda detached from those income streams.

As you smarty pants readers can guess, detaching more from income streams helps you have more and more fun, and of course you’ll generate more and more money the less you worry or stress or fret over it.

This is why the freest, happiest folks from most niches – and many of the world’s wealthiest folks – advise you to follow your fun. Or to follow your passion.

3: The Noise Does Not Exist (or….There Is No Spoon)

I hate to break it to you. But per tip #1…..ummmmm…..we are all one. We work together. Or we play together. All of us bloggers. We co-create. We co-operate. We kick tuckas.

So all the noise you *think* that you hear isn’t really….real. Just a different flavor, a different voice, but part of the same mass.

If you aren’t big on one-ness but would like a movie analogy, try this one on for size: we’re living in an illusion. A hologram.

Have you seen the movie “The Matrix”? In one scene a young prescient advises Neo that the spoon he held and appeared to bend was not real. All separation is an illusion. Neo bent the spoon with his mind. Because he was never separate from the spoon to begin with.

No need to instantly manifest mansions, or to bend spoons, with your mind. But you can carefully dwell on this topic for 10 minutes today. And tomorrow.

I swear, holding this idea in mind for a few minutes every day lowered my blogging anxiety levels by 95%. I absolutely, positively no longer believe in the idea of competition. Nobody can out shout me. No noise exists.

This concept may be tough to grasp at first and may seem a bit deep for a blogging tips blog but when you act with this idea in mind you will become an unstoppable blogger. Success will be yours. Expect to experience a dizzying rise in the blog-o-sphere. Watch your traffic skyrocket. Tap into new, unheard of levels of creativity.

If you want to *really* have fun and free your readers meditate on this idea of one-ness for 5 minutes a day.

Note; this is your Blogging Buddha homework for the day.

4: Blog Design Can Make You Shine

Clear blogs stand out.

By “clear” I mean clean, clear, crisply designed blogs. Drown your blog in white space. Like Zac’s masterpiece here at Blogging Tips Dot Com. Doing so makes his content pop. Doing so makes his calls to action unmissable elements.
Design a brand logo. Or hire a designer to craft the logo for you. Presentation counts in the blogging game. Big time.

If by this rule you do abide, thy online noise shall subside. I shall now add “Shakespearian Rapper” to my blogging resume.

5: Top Down Align Design

Dovetailing on tip #4, align your blog top down.

Every single element on your blog should align with your brand and niche.

Any element irrelevant to your brand and niche needs to be removed.

Following this tip sends a clear message to your audience: my blog is about “this 1 topic.” Being about 1 specific, clear topic (and not deviating from that topic through your design and content) makes your blogging star shine.

When you think about the 1 topic/subject “blogging tips” you think of guys like Zac Johnson and Darren Rowse. Top down, their blogs are all about the blogging tips. From domain name to blog titles to blog logos/headers all the way down to the footer every element aligns with blogging tips. No misalignment. No confusion. Clarity. Which is why these bloggers are authorities in the blogging tips niche.

They are heard. Loud and clear.

So, do you now feel better about not having to bring the blogging noise?

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