4 ways to rank on Google Page One without backlinks!

As you read this article, I know one of your big problems as online entrepreneur is how to rank on Google page one even without backlinks.

As a matter of fact, this same problem is being faced by everyone else with an online presence. Whether it’s ecommerce site, blog, magazine or any website that needs readers and customers, there always a big need to get it on the first page of search engines.

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Backlinks are a strong ranking factor and we’ve been told that several times. As a matter of fact, there are hundreds of ways to create or attract links to your articles from relevant sources. I have even discussed some of these on my blog so you may want to check out this post for some untapped PR8, PR6, PR4 and PR3 backlink Sources.

But how do you rank well on Google and other search engines without backlinks believed to be top on the list of ranking factors? Let’s discuss some 4 things to do!

How to rank on Google page one without backlinks

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It’s actually very possible (though somewhat difficult) to rank on Google page one without any backlinks. I have also seen some of my articles on Yahoo and Bing page one without any backlink effort. The same method I discussed here below work not only for Google. Follow them and watch your rankings on major search engines.

1 – Don’t compete with the big guns

Whether you like it or not, we are in a world of fierce competition. But the good thing that most of us have not uncovered is the fact that there are still so many hidden opportunities. Business is growing in every industry and new opportunities popping up here and there.

In your niche, there are people that are stronger than you and trying to compete with them is an error. They have the means to bid high on some keywords and pay the toughest SEO firms to put them on top. Competing with them is like going to war against an elephant with a cat. There is no match!

So what do you do?

Forget about those keywords with tough competition except you are ready to face the battle. Use your most appropriate keyword tool to dig deeper and come up with keywords that have less competition.

2 – Go the LongTail way

A lot has changed from the early days of search engines. Internet users too have moved from typing single words in search fields to actually making sentences and asking questions to search engines.

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As content marketers, we have to also shift and start providing answers to searchers on google. Targeting long tail keywords in your blog post gives you a better chance to rank high without backlink. The longer the keyword, the higher your chances to rank well.

LongTail keywords generally have less search volume but the beauty is such traffic is more targeted and convert better. The simple reason is your content will be answering the exact question in searcher’s mind.

3 – Be the first to publish

Everyday, new things are coming up in your industry. Once something is just published, competition is almost zero. As soon as people start getting to know about it, search volume for it on Google starts swelling.

The earlier you publish on it, the higher your chances of grabbing the first spot on SERP and this could mean a lot of traffic.

For the most part, Google Alerts is the best free tool to monitor the web for interesting new content in almost any industry.

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Create as many alerts as you want and Google will send you an email as soon as there is something new with the keyword you indicate in the alert.

4 – On Page Optimization

To improve your chances of grabbing the top position on search, you will have to properly optimize your articles. This however does not mean dropping your keywords everywhere on your content.

Note that keyword stuffing no longer works. The best SEO optimization that works is having your main keyword and a couple of LSI keywords

For better results, add your main keyword to the post title, the post url and post description (to increase CTR). It’s recommended your main (long tail keyword) should appear in both first and last paragraphs of your article.

Within the body, use your main keyword on image alt tags and make sure it appears in one or more <h> sub titles.

I have used a couple of SEO plugins but SEOPressor WordPress Plugin seems to be a highly recommended tool when it comes to generating and suggesting LSI keywords for your blog posts.

Now, you know you are able to rank on Google Page one without backlinks. I have experienced this a couple of times, especially with pretty longtail keywords.

Put some of these points to practice and I’m sure you are going to see impressive results.

Let me know what you think about this in the comment box. Please share this post on social media if you like it

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