How 2 F Words Saved My Blogging Career

I have a bit of a potty mouth sometimes.

But I’m being authentic. I blog how I talk. And sometimes I drop a cuss word. Or 2.

I don’t frequently use salty language. I rarely cuss like a sailor. Though I worked for 4 years in a shipping terminal chatting with truckers all day long I don’t curse like a truck driver.

2 Magic Words....from NJ to Fiji

But I have to give thanks to 2 F words. For each utterance saved my blogging career.

My Horrendous Blogging Past

I use colorful language to weave a mean tale here and there but today I’m talking about how I went from Nobody to Somebody Known by more than 3 people to pro blogging, island hopping, kinda recognized blogger.

3 Amigos

8 years ago I attracted 3 visitors a day. To my old blog. We shall call them “The 3 Amigos.”

Probably the same person. When you think about it. Yeah I’d say they were the same meat suit. My first fan I guess.

God bless them.

Way back in the day I blogged for: money first, then for traffic, then for fame. I cared not about much else. I greedily gobbled up lukewarm to downright curdling ideas (rotten to the core), I acted on said lame ideas and the 3 Amigos (or single person) stopped by to pay their respects, along with a growing chorus of rhythmic but passive crickets.

Tumbleweeds were my best friend during the lean years. Along with a bevvy of sweet snacks I regularly hoarded and binged upon to bury my feelings of depression, of being a failure, and of fearing that I’d go broke.

I subsequently spent way too much money on the $1 “50% off” bay at Shop Rite and as you may guess by now I spiraled into a wicked, evil, Demonic Trinity of being depressed, of failing horribly and of going flat broke.

My Turning Point: Using the F Words

I am originally from New Jersey, although I travel the world now.

So if you expected to hear someone barking nasty curse words like a dockworker from Bayonne right now, you will be severely disappointed.

Although I may start “tawking” like mobsters from the movie Goodfellas when I get fired up (North Jersey accent; I apologize) I have no swear words to utter now. No curse words to drop. Because the 2 F words which saved my blogging career are:

Freedom and Fun


My first serious shift in the blogging game involved detaching from blogging outcomes a bit more. The old me fastened onto stats like traffic numbers and profits and social shares like a spoiled little brat possessively guarding its rattle.

Then I saw how attaching heavily to outcomes led to my wicked failure; I devoted like 90% of my energies to GETTING and 10% of my energies to GIVING. Makes sense I fell flat on my face. My content lacked punch. My blog lacked authenticity. I feared going broke more than I enjoyed writing. Of course I should fail….and I did.

But when I predominantly blogged to free me and my audience, a funny thing happened: I cared less and less about stats because I freed myself from those stats. As I slowly cut those strings/attachments to blogging outcomes I focused more on giving than getting. I did stuff to free myself. Meaning, I wrote in my authentic, genuine writing voice. I integrated my wacky travel stories into blogging. I crafted colorful titles.

I did stuff I’d seen few cats do in the blogging tips niche. Because doing these things felt freeing to me. And to my audience.

Since we all want to be freer every day I attracted more readers. I grew a community. Profits jumped. My blogging business grew because I devoted most of my energy to giving and less and less to getting.

But…..I was still missing something.

Enter the 2nd F word.


Even though my freeing driver opened all types of doors and expanded my presence and did worlds of good for me and our community, I was still lacking something. I felt a void. Turns out, I blogged primarily from a space of *needing* freedom versus from a space of *feeling* free.

I recognized this after a massive internal shift in 2015. I was still too attached to outcomes.

After some time spent in quiet I decided to do what the happiest people on earth do: I blogged for fun. I still ran a blogging business. Still traveled. Still connected with folks on twitter and Facebook. Still published blog posts. But I only did these things if I was in a fun-loving, playful mood. I did not work much. I blogged for fun.

Within a few months of making this conscious decision to blog for fun I appeared on Richard Branson’s blog, Forbes and Neil Patel’s blog. I opened 4 new income streams in a week. I felt at peace. I helped to create astounding results while working 2 to 4 hours on some days.

Such is the POF: Power of Fun.

Once again, an F word saved my blogging career.

Why You Should Consider Blogging for Freedom and Fun

Blogging for freedom and then progressing to blog for fun makes you 1 in a billion.

Check out my blog: Blogging from Paradise

Have you ever seen a blog like that? A blogging tips blogger who circles the globe, who lives in many of the world’s most exotic destinations, and who blends his travel stories into blogging lessons that’ll help you become a full time, pro blogger?

Note: I’m saying this from a humble space. Honest. I am nothing special. But following my fun has made me 1 in a billion. Following your fun will make you 1 in a billion. If you aren’t already killing it online.

Every single blogger on the face of the earth would become wildly successful (whatever your definition of success means to you) if they followed their fun.

Because each of us has a special, unique writing voice which differentiates us from all other bloggers….IF we follow out fun. That’s the kicker. That’s the lynch pin.

Here’s the #1 reason why you should consider blogging for fun: blogging for fun (mainly) detaches you from outcomes. Meaning you’ll give most of your energy to creating something fun and connecting with fun people. Meaning you’ll make money blogging, grow a thriving community and boost your list subscriber count with increasing ease. Because you’ll blog in your voice. You’ll practice writing because writing is fun for you.

In essence, blogging for fun removes all stress, tension, worry, anxiety and hurry from your blogging life.

Imagine how unbelievably creative, how insanely prolific and how inspired you’ll act without those low energies dancing around in your mind.

The Great Irony

When you blog predominantly for fun:

  • your blogging income jumps quickly
  • you find your writing voice easily
  • you’ll stand out like a sore thumb…in a good way
  • you’ll put your branding game into overdrive
  • you’ll become magnetic to profitable ideas
  • you’ll connect with influential bloggers more easily


Avoid my blogging nightmares.

Follow your fun. Blog for fun.

Resurrect a dying blogging career.

Enjoy the ride.

Shine brightly for readers in your niche.


Disclosure: In full disclosure, it is safe to assume that the site owner is benefiting financially or otherwise from everything you click on, read, or look at while on my website. This is not to say that is the case with all content, as all publications on the site are original and written to provide value and references to our audience.


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