Common SEO Misconceptions That Can Kill Your Site Rankings

In the current world of technology and digital marketing, businesses are heavily relying on the internet for advertisement. As companies compete for recognition with their websites and blog, issues on SEO have become a concern to many.

Many services have been set up to help businesses manage their online presence and to take advantage over it to get as many customers as possible. That’s why businesses should make sure that they work with digital marketing agencies that are committed to helping them connect with their clients easier. As this is happening, many digital marketing agencies are still falling for the same SEO misconceptions.

Common SEO Misconceptions

Some of the misconceptions around SEO include: 

1 – SEO provides immediate results.

The failure to realize that SEO is a long-term investment and that its effectiveness in helping drive traffic to their websites cannot be measured within days. This misconception makes some give up after a few months and end up losing all their investments.

While SEO does not provide immediate results, PPC marketing does. Learn the differences between the two and how you can use each for your business in this article from New Media Campaigns.

2 – SEO is expensive.

Many businesses keep thinking that SEO is expensive. SEO for small businesses will be less of a struggle for smaller companies compared to those of large companies. The costs will also be different. Digital Search Australia is one of the top agencies in Australia, yet they service to customers around the world. However, in terms of SEO and their ability to rank for local search results, it’s proven much more effective to rank locally than to try and compete on a global scale.

To get a more accurate reading on the actual costs of SEO, refer to this “costs of SEO article” featured on Entrepreneur.

3 – Everyone can do SEO

Just like anyone can play a sport, anyone can proclaim to be an SEO. However, hiring someone that isn’t an expert and knows what they are doing can cost your brand and business a lot more than money in the long run.

A person trained in SEO but lacks practical experience is likely to cause a lot of harm to a website unintentionally. To do it effectively, one needs proper training and a clear understanding of the rules to be followed to avoid being penalized hence de-indexing your website.

It is important to examine the reasons why these misconceptions still exist while there is a lot of information available explaining about them that can be used to avoid them. 

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In addition to the three common SEO misconceptions above, here’s a few more areas of SEO that many people still have a hard time grasping…

Is SEO Dead?

The Old Spammy Keyword Stuffing Strategy

Many digital marketing agencies are still tied to the first impression that was created by SEO when it emerged. At the time, most people thought that the idea of SEO was simply about the use of spammy keyword stuffing that would help their page to rank. Although this misconception is slowly clearing, there are still plenty of agencies that are still glued to it. Things would have been different if SEO was introduced as a well-balanced technically complex strategy it has evolved over time to become.

The Dynamic SEO

As explained earlier, SEO has been undergoing gradual changes with every new technology trying to make it better than it was before. Google updates, what was the Pigeon update, introduced in 2014 is one of the major innovations that have changed the perception of SEO but has still succeeded in creating new misconceptions that some digital marketing agencies have not been able to clear themselves from.

Dubious Agencies

Thousands of digital marketing agencies are now offering SEO services to businesses. Some of these companies are however not genuine in what they promise to clients. Some of the services that they claim to offer are obsolete and no longer even acceptable. An agency that compares itself with such companies may feel as if it is not offering as much as its competitors, but fail to realize that the competitor is not up for any good of its clients.

Misleading Results

Some agencies have yet to understand that SEO is quite difficult to interpret. An increase or decrease in traffic to one’s website does not tell which of the four strategies that were introduced lately is working or not. It is also possible that the change is not related the new strategies. It might be caused by increased bounce rate due to slow page load speed or perhaps the website may not have a design fit for an online retailer’s website. This fact might lead to the formation of other misconceptions on what seems to work and what does not. When these results are used to rate an agency, the results might be quite unfortunate. 

Past Mistakes Cannot Hurt You

Many agencies believe and tell their clients that their past mistakes on Google once corrected and changed cannot hurt them. The fact is that a website may also suffer from its past mistakes. When one notices a sudden drop in traffic, he should check and ensure that he requests for the removal of inbound links from poor-quality sites or directories. He should also consider rewriting or removing any poor-quality or short content from his site.

The Many Misconceptions of SEO…

Misconceptions on this subject have always been there and will continue to be formed as new technology is getting introduced in the market. A good digital marketing agency is the one that keeps itself informed about these misconceptions and looks for ways to avoid them in their work. It is also important to understand that, today, SEO is much more about user experience and not technical optimization. It is a long game whose payments come in spade when all that is required is done right.


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