How to Successfully Land Guest Posts on Top Blogs

I have a shameful little secret to share.

I suffered from GPP for years.

This nasty blogging disease often manifests endless suffering for the afflicted blogger. GPP is worse than the common cold. I liken it to the blogging equivalent of Black Death. The Blog-Bonic Plague crippled me for a healthy chunk of my online career.

What Is GPP?

Guest Post Phobia. I feared rejection. I feared being embarrassed. Most of all I feared wasting my precious time. No way in heck Zac or Darren Rowse or any top blogger will read my guest posts, I thought. Let alone publish the thing. (Image below: my latest Blogging Tips guest post…location: sunny Costa Rica.)


So I surrendered to GPP for years. Giving in to this wicked blogging illness perpetuated my struggles because one of the quickest and easiest ways to fail online is to blog in a cyber cave. I published a gazillion posts to my blog. None on other blogs. My audience in those days? Crickets. Crickets are poor readers. Even worse clients. They just seem to make that endless noise all day long.

Anyway, one day my love for freedom overpowered my GPP. After making that shift, I greedily feasted on the benefits of publishing guest posts on Big Dawg Blogs:

  • increase your targeted blog traffic instantly
  • align yourself with blogging celebrities (note….this does NOT hurt your brand or blog)
  • build prospering blogging partnerships
  • form strong bonds with an increasing number of subscribers while you grow your email list
  • dip into the miraculous power of leveraging

GPP was a bear to shake. Like a wet, hacking cough or crabgrass, the stinking thing just DID NOT go away. But I eventually wrote, submitted and landed guest posts on top blogs by finding the remedy for this insidious blogging malady.

Your Deal

If you’re suffering terribly from GPP or if you’re held hostage by an overpowering, irrational fear of guest posting, RB has the Rx for you. That’s right. I have concocted a neat little homemade recipe – from the tropics – to help you guest post on the tops blogs from your niche.

1: Build Friendships to Get Around that Awkward Feeling

I recall pondering whether or not to ask my friend Ayu to be my social visa sponsor.

The scene: Bali, Indonesia. The year: 2015.

I was house sitting at a monstrously large villa in the posh town of Jimbaran for 6 months. Ayu was one of the staff who kept the villa in tip top shape. We bonded daily. We talked about the USA and Bali. She became a dear friend. I didn’t wind up taking the social visa route but I would have had no problem asking her to accompany me to Immigrassi so she could be my sponsor. She was my buddy. I knew she’d vouch for me. I trusted her. She trusted me. No weird feeling in asking her.

Imagine if I asked a Balinese stranger off of the street to be my sponsor? How awkward would that feel? They would likely smile – in the face-saving ways of SE Asia – and move on as we both recoiled from the hyper uncomfortable experience.

Stranger-ness creates awkwardness. You know what I mean. But you likely have no problems asking a friend for something. Friends trust friends. Friends have lovingly helped each other out for years. No strings attached. Such is the power of friendship.

I shared Zac’s posts for years. I commented on Zac’s posts for months. When I asked to submit a guest post Zac was happy to extend the invitation.

I never had to experience that “I need a warm shower” feeling of being a pitching, shilling, blogging pimp. I built bonds with folks in high places. I could ask to submit guest posts and would most likely land them. Even if I didn’t land the post no feelings would be hurt because Zac’s an awesome dude. No worries. No awkwardness.

Blogging Tip

Promote the stuffing out of top bloggers. Help them. Tweet their latest posts. Comment on their latest posts. Connect with them through email. After 3 or 6 months of bond-building, trust me, they will know who you are. This is the foundation-building act which sets everything into motion.

2: Have Fun Writing, and Write…..and Write….and Write

I once wrote 10,000 words daily. Or more.

I sometimes observe my fingers in a miraculous light: I’m stunned they have not fallen off.

I didn’t bust my tail though. I have fun writing. So I write. And write. And write some more.

Imagine your favorite hobby. What do you most enjoy doing? You’ll probably spend much time doing that because we seek out fun.

I love to play basketball. As a kid I’d sometimes spend 8 to 12 hours playing basketball on the playgrounds of New Jersey because I had fun playing the sport.

Ditto with writing. Following my passion inspired me to write. Then I wrote some more. After writing thousands of words every single day for months I gained confidence in my writing. I believed I could land a guest post on a well-read blog. I could rub elbows with Blogging Big Dawgs like Zac and Darren Rowse. I could schmooze with the most successful bloggers from my blogging tips niche.


The power of following your fun, right?

I built a bond with the pro’s pros. Then, after picking a blogging niche I loved writing about I wrote, and wrote and wrote. I felt confident about my writing.

2 things happened at this point: either I asked top bloggers if I could submit a guest post or top bloggers asked me if I wanted to submit a guest post. My writing skills improved dramatically. I found my once non-existent blogging voice. Things came together for me pronto.

Confidence gives you the clarity and detachment to beat the fear of rejection into a bloody pulp.

Blogging Tip

What can you talk about all day long? Write about it. Blog about it. Practice writing every day. This should RARELY feel like work. It should feel fun. Boost your confidence. Nail down guest posts on authority blogs.

No lie; you may have to use a baseball bat to keep bloggers and their endless requests away from you because your clarity, your writing skills and your confidence will appear like an oasis to bloggers in the middle of a barren desert.

3: The Review and Write and Ask

Since I have been following my blogging buddies’ blogs for months or years I know what their audience digs.

I review the 5 most recent blog posts. I get a feel for preferred topics. I write a guest post on a relevant topic targeted to the blogger’s audience. This is “The Review and Write” phase.

I shoot an email to the Big Dawg Blogger letting them know I wrote a guest post for their blog if they were interested in reading it. If it’s relevant, and if you got tips #1 and #2 down pat, most if not all of your guest posts will be accepted.

It really IS this simple but most bloggers bail on tips #1 and #2. They don’t build bonds. They don’t write. So they’re an SS: a Skill-less Stranger. Skill-less Strangers don’t land too many guest posts on any blogs.

4: If Your Guest Post Isn’t Accepted….

….we like to call this a “non-match.”

This is why, despite being outrageously handsome or stupid hot, leading actors like Leo DiCaprio or Jennifer Lawrence do not land certain movie parts. Studio folks have a certain match in mind. Whether you’re an Oscar Winner or have a square, strong jaw and All American guy looks (like the Blogging from Paradise guy? Where’s my TV pilot!)
or whether you’re drop dead gorgeous, either you’re a match for a certain acting role or you’re not a match.

Adopt the mindset of a Hollywood leading lady or leading man. Rejection does not exist in the minds of confident, detached, veteran actors. Either your guest post is a match for a top blog or it is not.

You may have seen the guest post being published in the tea leaves or perhaps a little white bird cooed in your ear, “You’ll get published, you’ll get published”, but sometimes you just won’t have a match.

Don’t take it personally. It has nothing to do with you. You weren’t rejected. No way. A better guest posting opportunity awaits you.

Drill down on tips #1 and #2. Build relationships. Make friends. Write your passion and keep on writing every day.

You’ll land guest posts on high rolling blogs left and right if you promote top bloggers, if you comment on their blogs and if you write like the dickens every single day.

Your Turn

Have you landed guest posts on top blogs?

What tips can you add?

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