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It can be incredibly frustrating and time-consuming to create something brand new from scratch. And if you don’t already have the technical and graphical expertise, the net result will likely leave something to be desired too. That’s why it makes much more sense to start with a template that you can then tweak to suit your specific preferences and needs.

This is true for when you’re putting together a new blog, just as it is true when you want to give your resume a fresh new look. In the context of business, a great looking PowerPoint presentation can go a long way and the myriad of options available at are an excellent place to start.

Templates for Stunning Presentations

While it may be true that PowerPoint already comes with several default templates, anyone who has seen the inside of any board room or has attended any sales presentation will likely already be familiar with many of these. That’s not very professional.


Instead, it’s a far better idea to look into the broad range of PowerPoint templates offered through PoweredTemplate. Dubbed the world’s #1 business and presentation templates provider, the site offers templates, charts, diagrams and more for not only PowerPoint, but also print designs, brochures, website templates and more.

For the majority of presentation templates offered through the site, you are provided with several “master” slides that can then be duplicated or put in rotation for however long your presentation needs to be. This gives a uniform look while keeping up visual interest. Simply insert your content. The backgrounds can even come in separated JPEG files.

PowerPoint Templates and Charts

With so many templates, charts and PowerPoint diagrams on PoweredTemplate, you may feel a little intimidated about where to start. Thankfully, all of this content is conveniently organized to make it easier to find exactly the template you desire.


The main catalog is displayed in a simple grid-like pattern with small thumbnails of each template. When you hover over any of these, you get a closer look at what that template contains, including the other master slides, a description of the look, the current user rating, the comments, and the cost. In the case of the shapes and diagrams, you could get as many as 40 unique slides.

In looking for just the right PowerPoint shapes and charts that you want for your presentation, you can direct your attention to the left sidebar. There, you’ll find the ability to filter based on the main color scheme of the template, as well as browse through the numerous categories. These range from animals and pets to politics and government, among many others.

The sheer variety here is simply stunning. You can have simpler designs for when you want a clean and simple look for your presentation, while other designs are bolder and more colorful for when you really want a bigger impact for your PowerPoint. It’s entirely up to you and it doesn’t get much more convenient for getting professional-looking designs.

How Much Do They Cost?

In effect, you have two main options for how you want to pay for the unique and varied presentation templates offered through PoweredTemplate. You can pay for them individually or you can opt for a subscription plan.


For instance, one of the individual products with options and shapes for PowerPoint could cost a little over $40 on its own. That’s because it comes with many more graphics and a more robust design. Some of the simpler templates are about $16 each.

Tremendous savings can be enjoyed through a subscription plan, however. A $49 silver membership allows for up to 10 downloads of presentation templates from each month, while a $149 gold membership allows up to 50 downloads per month. That makes it far more cost effective on a per-template basis and is a much better option for any business professional who uses PowerPoint regularly.

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