How Video Streaming May Change the World of Online Business and Blogging

Online video streaming has been gaining in popularity since the early 2000’s with the rise of YouTube, video blogging and video sharing on social media platforms.

However, many businesses have been slow to adopt this innovation, although with fantastic service providers like Blue Jeans, more and more businesses are choosing to broadcast live stream and take advantage of the many benefits it can offer.


Modern Connectivity has removed the Need for Physical Presence

In the past, conferences, meetings, interviews and events have always been limited due to the need for being physically present. This is a thing of the past in our modern times, however, as any and every live event can now be broadcasted directly into the homes, offices or even movie theaters of your attendees. Already, large events are often hosted in cinemas throughout the world, where people can either be invited or purchase tickets to attend and enjoy the action as it happens.

Gone are the days of having to travel to different countries to enjoy participating in exciting events, and now are the days in which we can be globally present – while never leaving the comfort of our own homes.

According to an interesting article by The, live video streaming has also been changing the lives of thousands of people in developing countries, who are receiving critical education through correspondence video teaching. This is a fantastic utilization of a great innovation, and is an excellent kind and altruistic example of how video streaming is already benefitting our world.

As Streaming Services Advance, Online Communications become More Natural

Video streaming has completely changed the way we now watch TVs and movies from home. At the same time it’s also pretty much killed off the need for a home video player, DVDs and blu-rays. Now everything is digital and live streaming, with names like NetFlix, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime and HBO Now leading the way. All main talking points of this article from PCMag.


On the flip side, this same technology is also changing how we communicate with others around the world. Imagine being a blogger and working from home, but instead of simply posting content to your site… now you are streaming live video as well! This is already being seen with Twitter and Periscope.

Already, some companies are starting to think of ways to integrate live streaming into office spaces, with a few interesting ideas that could reform the way we work globally.

  • Video Walls: While many thought that this technology could only be found in the distant future, it can become a reality today. It works by digitally connecting various offices in various locations via large streaming screens. This way, it creates the illusion of all of the offices being in the same place, with employees being able to communicate with each other seamlessly. The only limitation is that you can’t physically pass documents through the screens, although this is hardly a problem since most documents are digital in our modern age.
  • “Floating Head Conferencing”: This affectionate term was coined due to how each member of a streamed conference appears – Simply as a talking head, sometimes with shoulders attached. However, don’t let the fun term discredit its value in regards to real-time communications. This type of conferencing not only saves the attendees’ time, but it also cuts out any need for a physical location. In addition, you can invite people from all over the world to attend meetings or discussions, whether they are at home, at the office or at a coffee shop with a laptop.

Hold Meetings throughout the World with the Click of a Button

Working from a Home Office

As Marshall McLuhan foresaw, this world is becoming a global village – with brands, consumers and even locations being interconnected via the internet. No longer do you need to reduce your bottom line by travelling across the globe. Instead, you can relax in your comfortable office, speak to important clients, hold meetings and even conduct interviews with prospective new employees.

As a businessperson, you can understand how valuable this service could be, as travelling not only entails the costs of flights, taxis and other public transport, but also food, accommodation, entertainment for long trips and many more small costs. These all add up and, when numerous trips are planned each year, can drag down your bottom line and lose your business profits.

This is why so many modern businesses are choosing to go digital, even in regards to how they hold meetings. As technology opens up new opportunities, brands which seek to lead the way, and capitalize on doing so, need to invest in the modern tools for the modern age.

A blog dedicated to entrepreneurial insights and advice,, also shared great insight in an article about online meetings, and explained how digital meetings can be great for secret projects, to ensure that the media doesn’t find out and spoil your brand’s big surprise. In addition, it is convenient to know that your digital meetings can be kept private, however, regardless of whether you are actually planning any surprises or not.

So take some time to consider how live stream services are changing the way we do business, as well as how yours could benefit from such innovations. Soon we may simply have an office at home, where we can work, meet with important clients, enjoy popular entertainment with friends and even attend online aerobics classes – All without even taking a step outside.

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