Before You Bash Your Head into a Wall Take these 4 Blogging Tips to Heart

I have blogged from Bali.

I have blogged from Fiji.

I have blogged from Thailand, Nicaragua, Malaysia and Costa Rica.

I have lived the dream.

I also know how it feels to want to bash your head into a wall because you’re fed up with blogging.


From writer’s block to writing for a ghost town to seeing tumbleweeds flow through your comments field I recall the intense pain I felt during the lean years. But I also know how quickly things changed after I took 4 blogging tips to heart.

Successful Blogging Tips

Isn’t it funny how the seemingly tiniest changes create the most dramatic results?

If you learn one thing as a blogger remember this piece of advice: how you feel dictates how you act and how you act dictates your results.

Re-read that line. I took that sucker to heart. I have lived in Fiji for 4 months and in places like Thailand and Bali for over a year in each spot because I changed my feelings, my actions and my results.

Before You Go Bonkers

Sometimes I feel like a sounding board for struggling bloggers.

Or a backboard.

Hey, I feel your pain. I once suffered from Mad Blogger’s Disease because I followed bad advice. I also let my greedy, desperate, fearful energies drive me. So I failed. And I felt like I was prepared to go completely nutzo. Or bonkers.

But making the same silly, crazy-inducing mistakes when you have access to proven blogging tips on an authority site like Zac’s is like a guppy residing in the Mariana Trench who says he doesn’t have enough water to live.

Let’s dive into these tips (not the Mariana Trench), shall we?

1: Have Fun!

Head Bangers, beware! Not having fun is a leading cause of blogging madness.

As a former blogging bozo I can assure you that blogging with the sole intent of making money or gaining readers or boosting my social shares lead to my malaise.

In short, I attached heavily to outcomes. If said outcome didn’t mosey on along as I felt it should I went bananas.

But when I said “The hell with it!”, and chose to blog for fun alone something amazing happened: the fun was the reward. I didn’t need anything else. Didn’t need blogging profits to be happy. Didn’t need readers.

Irony Alert: readers, profits, popularity and all that good stuff flowed my way easily when my prime blogging purpose was to have fun. My posts were fun to read. My personality came out. My humor emerged. I stood out like a gringo here in the neighborhood of Rivas, Costa Rica. Las Blancas are rare birds in this community.

Blogging Tip

Follow your fun. Blog to have fun. The profits and readers and community follows your fun-loving, playful writing style.

2: Blog to Free Yourself and Your Audience (Profitable Ideas and Profitable Actions Happen after Holding this Intent)

Ok, so you’re having fun. Good.

Now it’s time to free yourself from the manias plaguing most bloggers.

I recall the Alexa craze from last year. Many well-meaning bloggers obsessed over their Alexa score, becoming hyper attached to these numbers on a screen. They bound themselves (opposite of freedom) to this particular number on a screen. These gals and guys devoted so much of their energy to Alexa scores that they literally became prisoners to these numbers on a screen. Prisoners are bound. Meaning “not free”.

I have made this foolish mistake. I also corrected this insane tendency by deciding to blog to free me and you.

Profitable ideas made a beeline for my mind when freedom became my goal. I felt renewed. Refreshed. Invigorated!

Influential bloggers knocked down my door, asking to feature me on their popular, well-read blogs.

Blogging Tip

Blog to free yourself and to free your audience. Imagine not being bound by a thing. No boss. No set schedule. Make the world your office (if you want to travel like me).

Put those money goals and traffic goals to the side. Each is binding. Each ties you to some benchmark, some number, which dissipates your creative energies.

Or if you feel fun and free blogging to hit certain income goals, feel free to go for that.

Blog to be free. Blog to have fun. You don’t need to be a Head Banger.

3: Publish a Beneficial Solution (Versus Just Publishing a Blog Post)

Why was nobody reading my blog?

Crickets serenaded me after publishing new posts. Ghost town. I was blogga non grata.


I formed the dangerous habit of publishing blog posts just to publish “X” number of posts weekly. Someone told me to do that. This must have been good advice. But twas not. I learned – the hard way, as oft is the case – that mindlessly publishing blog posts like an automon, just to stick to some set schedule, leads to endless blogging struggles. My posts lacked enthusiasm. My posts lacked depth. My posts were grimly deficient in the “beneficial solution” department.

People read blogs to benefit themselves. Anytime I read a blog I want to receive some solution. I want a resource. I crave some depth, some meat on the blogging bones.

Check out Zac’s post about content creation tips:

13 Quick Tips to Create More Content in Less Time

The title drips with benefits. The blog post oozes value. If I’m a time-strapped blogger you betcha this post offered me a comprehensive solution to my problems. He went above and beyond to share something beneficial with me. As The Terminator would say….”I’ll be back.”

I published a post recently geared toward helping struggling travel bloggers:

11 Successful Tips for Travel Bloggers

It is pretty much 1 stop shopping for travel bloggers hungry to build a profitable blog on the road.
Go above and beyond. Knock your reader’s socks off.

4: Make Friends in High Places (Be Generous and Genuine)

Neil Patel has been good to me. He mentioned me and Blogging from Paradise 3 separate times on this blog as of this writing. I feel like I should invite him to join me on my next trip to Bali.

Ditto with Zac. He’s helped me expand my presence uber quickly by offering me a platform to connect with his readers.

Neil and Zac are movers and shakers. These high rolling bloggers are friends in high places. If you build bonds with blogging big dawgs these influential gals and guys will expand your presence like wildfire in many cases.

Make friends in high places by genuinely helping, assisting and promoting influential bloggers in your niche. I connected with both Neil and Zac by commenting on their blogs and by sharing their posts through my blog and through my social networks. These generous icons helped to spread my word. Win-win situation here.

You cannot do this alone. Trust me. I’ve tried to be a blogging lone wolf. Lone wolves become Head Bangers.

Wrap Up

I cannot stress the first 2 tips enough. We all thirst for practical, hard and fast blogging tips to avoid the pain and suffering of being a blogging bozo. But if you don’t improve your blogging mindset you’ll be dead in the water.

I probably have carved 3 to 4 dents in my noggin from my Head Banger days because I rarely if ever blogged to have fun. Goodness knows I didn’t blog to free myself regularly enough during the lead years.

Shifting my intent had a miraculous effect on my blogging career. Like a sweet little blogging fairy alighted on my shoulder, sprinkling pixie dust on each one of my blog posts, after I made the 2 F’s paramount: Fun and Freedom.

Take those first 2 tips to heart and you’ll be golden.

Your Turn

What tips can you share to avoid going “blogging bonkers”?

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