Top 10 Digital Branding & Marketing Trends For 2016 [Infographic]

When it comes to modern marketing, digital branding is the leader of all forms of marketing. Other than the most obvious forms of marketing like word of mouth, few forms of marketing are as effective as this in the first place.

However, one thing always stands out when it comes to modern digital marketing and that is that it moves in specific trends. To try and make the most of these trends, you need to clearly understand what direction you want to head in with your business.

For more help in understanding this, you’ll find this infographic very useful. It will clearly and easily break down all of the necessary changes and accommodations that you will need to make in the future to stay in touch with key digital branding and marketing trends. If you want to see what 2016 will have in store for bloggers, online marketings and brands — you will definitely like the infographic below.

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2016 holds many unique and exciting opportunities for us all. This infographic will break them down so that you can see what the most effective solutions are for you. However, we recommend that everyone takes the time and commitment to understand where they are going and what can be done;

  • 2016 will continue to show that Facebook has no intention of slowing down. It still reigns as the online master and therefore you need to be able to use 2016 to ensure that mobile video marketing amongst other forms of content can be readily enjoyed, particularly through the Facebook interface.
  • Automation is going to become more important as businesses try and make away from doing things on their own. Big data is going to become far more powerful as the years go on and it will ensure that decision making is going to improve all across the board for businesses.
  • With just 5 seconds of time provided to each video on average to capture the attention of the user, you will be under more pressure than ever to be exciting and to capture the attention of those people who you feel are going to be crucial to making your business successful.
  • AI and “bot” intelligence is getting far more powerful and with CRM platforms now automating the way that people work in their offices, it’s more likely in future that you will be reporting to an AI than an actual human boss. This will cause undue complications, but has incredible potential.
  • B2B is going to become massive in 2016 as people start to look into some unique and refreshing ways to keep themselves relevant. With the help of these new changes, it’s likely that B2B digital marketing will become the best way for a business to start moving itself further forward.
  • A hugely popular part of the online crazy appears to come from privacy being a rather changed thing – in the past, cyber security was something seen as a major factor for any brand. Today it’s seen as an issue for the company, as the web is “old enough” to be controlled and managed in a safer way than it currently has been.

Feel free to share your comments and thoughts on what the stand out opportunities and marketing methods of 2016 will be.

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