13 Quick Tips to Create More Content in Less Time

As bloggers and online marketers, nothing is more time consuming than the content we create. It has to be original, useful to our audience and of course… high in value — all of which takes a lot of time.

However, we still continue to produce an amazing amount of content on a daily basis. If only there was a way to speed up the process and create even higher quality content.

Through the “A Science-Backed Guide to Creating More Content in Less Time” infographic below from Adam Connell of BloggingWizard.com, we are going to highlight some fun statistics and methods to increase productivity, while also creating more engaging content.

Take some time to run through the list and see how many of these actionable tips you are already using during your content creation process.

A Science-Backed Guide to Creating More Content in Less Time

  1. Keep your content writing to less than 40 hours per week
  2. Play modest ambient background noise while writing
  3. Drink a beer to boost creative thinking
  4. Avoid multi-tasking to keep a clear focus
  5. Create content during your most productive hours
  6. Keep your content as simple as possible
  7. Practice on your writing skills until you are a master at it
  8. Use technology to save time and make improvements where possible
  9. Save up to 12 minutes every day with the pomodoro technique
  10. Document your content marketing strategy to continually improve upon your process
  11. Take breaks throughout the day to improve focus and writing skills
  12. Eliminate distractions so you can have a clear content creation focus
  13. Visualize your content and bring it to life before simply typing away



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