7 Websites and How They are Exploding Their Mailing Lists

Your blog probably already has a ton of traffic, but at the same time, your mailing list is probably growing as slow as a snail crawls by. However, other sites on the internet seem to bring in thousands of new subscribers to their list daily… but how?

The secret lies within the bonuses they are offering and the methods they are using to get people to join their list.

In this article, I’m going to show you the hottest method for getting your audience to subscribe to your mailing list like crazy while also using one of the top free tools in the process.

This method is called Welcome Mats — and it’s free to download and use through SumoMe.

The reason why welcome mats are working so well in comparison to other popup and subscription methods, it that they welcome your audience by taking over the whole browser screen and not just a portion your site. They are also great because of the amazing branding and customization features they offer.

To best understand how welcome mats work and how easy they are to setup, feel free to watch the short video below.

One of the best ways to make money online or to discover what’s working in different niches is to learn from other successful bloggers within your space. This is something I previously did when I highlighted 32 top bloggers and showcased the different popup call-to-action phrases and gifts they were giving away to get people onto their lists.

Now it’s time once again to look at some of the top blogs in the industry and see what they are doing to increase mailing list signups through their customized Welcome Mats.

7 Mind-Blowing Examples of Sites Using Welcome Mats

As an active blogger or online marketer, you’ve probably already come across a wide range of sites that are using welcome mats to increase subscribers to their mailing list. From the hand selected ones shown below, you will notice each of them has their own unique call to action while also offering an incentivization or bonus to taking action.

Feel free to leave a comment at the end of the post to let me know which of the welcome mats featured was your favorite.


Darren Rowse is the man behind the scenes at the world’s most famous blogging resource site at Problogger.net. I had the opportunity to speak on a panel with Darren while in Las Vegas years ago, and through his blog he’s been able to teach and inspire millions of people about the power of content creation and blogging.

Once again, Darren is teaching us all how to not only build a better blog but also how to bring personal branding and increase conversions to our sites through his excellent looking welcome mat. What I like most about his subscribe form (besides the high-quality picture and personal branding) is that his call to action is simply to “Build a Better Blog” — which means anyone who joins his list is genuinely interested in getting his mailings.



Cats are a funny thing… whoever would have thought that one day they would pretty much take over the interest and consume an endless amount of time through funny pictures and videos — let alone result in millions of advertising dollars and revenue for sites like icanhascheezburger or even grumpy cat!

Yes, cats are a great way to grab attention and Andrew Lock of HelpMyBusiness.com is using his cat to get people on his mailing list like never below. “Subscribe to the Show or the Kitten Get It!” isn’t just a call to action… it’s funny and keeps his audience engaged!

When coming up with a call to action for your site, think about how you can use humor and keep it entertaining.



Thinking that a welcome mat or popup window is only good for getting people on your mailing list, is simply thinking inside-the-box. StellyBelly, an ecommerce site focused on children’s clothing brings the concept of call-to-action and engagement to a whole new level with their welcome mat.

At first you might think it looks like every other popup or subscribe form, but then at second glance you will realize there is no subscribe form at all — it’s actually a TEXT call to action.

We all know how effective email marketing is… now think about the engagement and conversions that can be seen when marketing through mobile!


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You don’t need to be a top blogger or even have an internet marketing based site to have a high converting welcome mat displayed on your site. A perfect example of this can be seen at the MaidNHouston site, which is a cleaning based service and is looking to attract new customers through their welcome mat.

If you end up on their site, there is a good chance that you are looking to hire someone to clean your house. With that being the case, MaidNHouston is offering a 15% off discount for their audiences first clean — all they have to do is add their email address and they will then have access to a coupon.

Imagine the conversion rate and earnings on their end for first-time visitors hitting this welcome mat and putting their information in? I bet it’s great!



In each of the previous welcome mat designs, we’ve seen a lot of colorful images being used and also the representation of the people behind the sites as well. In the case of Matthew Woodward’s site, we simply see a play on color design that grabs our attention.

This is a perfect example of keeping things plain and simple — while also offering a powerful call to action in the process. Once you see the CTA of  “Unleash My Personal SEO Strategy – Get instant access now”, it makes you want to join the list… as everyone accessing the site is interested in learning how to increase traffic and rankings to their site.

You can learn more about this and his case study here.



As bloggers, we simply love traffic… and more often then not, we are willing to do anything to get as much of it as we can. In the case of Robbie Richard’s blog, he has one of the most attractive call-to-actions of them all.

“Want to send 200,000 people to your site?”… of course we do! All it takes is a simple email submit and you will be on your way 🙂 — This type of welcome mat and call to action is what drives subscriber numbers through the roof.

The takeaway here is to know your traffic and offer them what they want the most!


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AppSumo is one of the most well-known sites and resources for online marketers and site owners around the world. The creator of AppSumo, Noah Kagan, also has a personal blog of his own at OkDork.com. Should you end up on his site, you will usually be looking for his advice, case studies or anything else good he might have to offer.

This is exactly what you will find through his welcome mat at well — yet, still having no idea what it is, unless you sign up for it! Noah’s call to action of “I wanna send you something.” is both engaging and intriguing — you can only guess how many people sign up just to find out what it is… I know I did!


How to Setup Welcome Mat on Your Site… for FREE!

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, few things are more important than getting new traffic and subscribers to your site. The best way to keep your audience coming back for me, is to get them to submit their email address on their first visit.

Up to now, there is nothing more effective than Welcome Mats… and you can clearly see how some of the top sites on the internet are using them to their advantage in the examples below.

Now it’s time for you to put these same resources and tools to use for your site — and best of all, it’s free!

Welcome Mat App from SumoMe

How to quickly setup Welcome Mat on your site for free:

  1. Create a free account with SumoMe
  2. Install the free SumoMe WordPress Plugin
  3. Click on the Sumo Store icon and click the “Welcome Mat” app to install.
  4. Create your Welcome Mat within the plugin
  5. Publish, Split Test and Increase Signup Conversions Immediately!

After downloading the WordPress plugin and activating it with your site, you will find that SumoMe has a lot of advanced tools and features they offer. Should you upgrade your account to the next level you’ll have access to even more tools, customization and advanced reporting.

No matter if you start with trhe free application or premium version, you can still access the free tools that AppSumo has to offer, while also increasing your mailing list signups and conversions in the process.

Create a free account with SumoMe

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