AdPreference Monetizes Your Mobile Gaming Traffic

The video game industry is not what it used to be. While there are still some big budget AAA titles for PCs and consoles coming out of major studios, the real money is being found among casual games, social games and mobile games. And as a publisher or game developer yourself, you can capitalize on this growing trend.

One ad network that plays heavily into the casual and mobile gaming niche is AdPreference, making it easier than ever for you to maximize the revenue you generate from the incredible content that you produce.

The Next Great Frontier

At its core, AdPreference operates similar to most of the other ad networks that you’ve already used before, but they step it up to another level with what they call engagement monetization. The goal is to encourage your visitors and users to engage with the offers in the database, earning you the highest eCPM possible.


Rather than being restricted to a single monetization model, AdPreference features a mix of different offers, including CPC, CPM, CPV, CPL and CPA. Depending on the offer, you can make a good amount of money just by having your visitors watch a video or click on a link, while other offers require form submissions or app installations.

AdPreference boasts a number of exclusive offers that are not found anywhere else, further helping to bolster and maximize the payouts that you earn. The payment schedule is also very appealing, operating on net-15 terms with a low $50 minimum payout threshold. You can integrate the ad offers into your content via direct links, the offer API, JavaScript or a native SDK.

Because the network is geared more toward gaming, it’s also helpful that AdPreference features offers that use content locking or offer walls. This way, you can monetize your premium content without actually charging your users any money. People love free.

The Publisher Experience

Signing up for a free account with AdPreference requires only the submission of a single form, followed by an email confirmation. There’s no need to wait for account approval. Then, you gain access to the AdPreference dashboard.


Navigating around the interface is easy and straightforward, making it convenient to browse your latest stats at a glance, look through the growing catalog of offers, generate ad zones, and contact the 24/7 support for further assistance.

Under the offer listing, there are quick links for top offers, for instance, as well as the ability to search for key terms or to browse through categories. Once on an offer page, you get all the information you need to decide if this is the offer you want to promote. Again, no further approval is needed and you can monetize with the offer right away.


As an example, here is the campaign from Lovoo. You’ll see that the offer is available to traffic in 10 countries and conversion is on the installation of their app. You’ll also see the available creatives, including a text links, graphics (banners), and a pop page, as well as a link to preview the landing URL, which is an iTunes Store listing.

To see how much you would earn from a successful conversion on this offer, you can then scroll further down the page, select the offer (creative), and click on Offer Prices. In this case, the payout varies from country to country, ranging from about $0.72 to $0.90.

The Game Is Afoot

It’s no surprise to anyone at this point that more and more people are spending more time on their smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. It’s also no surprise that free apps and games tend to be more popular than paid ones, so it’s critical to figure out how best to monetize your free app or web content while enhancing the user experience.


And one of the first steps you may want to take is to sign up with AdPreference today. The variety of offers is impressive, the fast payment scheme is desirable, and the easy ability to utilize features like offer walls and content locking make it a powerful monetization solution.

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