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If you want to compete with the 300+ million other blogs on the internet, you are going to need to do more than create quality content for your site. You will also need to focus on your backlinking and social following as well. However, one of the most overlooked ways to improve your chances for success in such a competitive space is by speeding up your website or blog loading times!

Thanks to the internet and especially mobile devices, the attention span of an average person is now less than a goldfish — which is at 9 seconds, while humans have fallen to a mere 8 second.

With all of that being said, if you site takes just a few seconds to load… that may be a few seconds too long!

In this article, we are going to look at KeyCDN and how you can improve the speed and performance of your site by connecting with a content delivery network.

KeyCDN Content Delivery Network = Fast

In the old days of web hosting, you would have a local server and simply let people access your site from anywhere in the world and let it pull data off that one location. Through the power of content delivery networks, it’s now easier than ever to have websites stored on multiple servers throughout the world. The concept here is that having multiple servers throughout the world, will lead to faster loading times — as it will pull from the server that is closest to the location of your site user. has built a network of servers throughout the world, giving their customers the ability to have the fastest loading times possible — no matter where their audience is accessing their site from.


To get a better understanding of how the CDN process works and how it can help speed up the performance of your own site, please watch the short video below.

How Amazingly Simple it is to Connect with KeyCDN

While the idea of messing around with servers, hosting and domain names is one of the last things anyone wants to deal with, using a content delivery network is actually much easier than you might think. Especially for WordPress users.

To connect your website or blog to the KeyCDN network, you just have to follow these simple steps.

  1. Create an account at
  2. Activate your account and site details
  3. Create a “Pull Zone” within your account
  4. Install CDN Enabler and Cache Enabler within WordPress
  5. Update settings within CDN Enabler to match KeyCDN
  6. Grab a cup of coffee and wait a few minutes for your site and KeyCDN to sync up
  7. Run a speed test on your site with Pingdom and track your stats within KeyCDN

If that wasn’t easy enough, you’ll also be happy to know that once this is setup you won’t need to touch any of these settings again. KeyCDN will actively be monitoring your site and making sure it loads as fast as possible.

How Much does KeyCDN Cost?

One of the biggest reasons why the internet has been so successful for individuals and brands of all sizes, while also seeing massive growth, is that it’s technology keeps growing in size, while costs seem to get lower. Years ago, if you wanted to setup a CDN of your own, it would have costs thousands of dollars in monthly hosting to setup multiple servers throughout the world.

Now anyone can create a site with a shared hosting plan for under $10 a month and jumpstart their site performance loading times with a KeyCDN account for just a few dollars a month as well. What’s even better about KeyCDN pricing, is that you don’t pay a monthly fee — instead you pay based on the data needs of your site. For some sites, a $40 data plan will be more than enough for the course of a whole year!

You can see KeyCDN’s pricing structure below.


Of course KeyCDN isn’t the only content delivery network in town, however they are the most competitive on their pricing. You can see a comparison on CDN costs by network below.


If you are thinking that KeyCDN might be a good option for your site, but still not 100% sure, they also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This will allow you to connect your site to their CDN and compare loading times before and after. This way you know what you are paying for truly works.

Increase Your Site Performance and Loading Times Today

Not only is nothing worse than have a very slow loading website or blog. If it takes more than just a few seconds, you are probably already losing a big chunk of your site visitors and potential sales.

If anything was worse, it would be having the opportunity to increase the speed and loading time of your site for just pennies per day and not taking advantage of it. That’s the main takeaway in this review today.

Don’t put your audience to chance. Click here to create your account with and improve the overall performance and loading times for your site.

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