Drive Sales through Building Highly Personalized Custom Forms

‘Just give me a reason’ is not just a song, it’s an inevitable question, asked by millions of people every day trying to buy something on various online stores. Today, blog owners, brands and e-sellers alike all face a harsh reality of a new online marketplace: you won’t be successful just simply selling online, you should fight the fierce battle to win the customer and give them actual reasons to choose YOUR store among the huge pool of popular e-commerce websites.

Personalization is everywhere

To win online, you should think of delivering more personalized and relevant touchpoints through optimizing customer interactions. Every single customer is your asset and his voice is valuable in building brand loyalty and driving sales.

Therefore, what should you do to capture this voice?

  • Talk to your customers directly;
  • Ask what they are looking for;
  • Determine how you can give them exactly what they need.

Optimize the Customer Journey

You ultimate goal is to make customers choose you over your competitors. Direct communication can help you to compile customer profiles, identify their habits, preferences and, as the result, deliver customized content. Every interaction of a single person with your brand enriches the user profile and help you to learn his particular wants and needs.

Getting the Users Attention

Gain additional value by building various custom forms

Custom forms are an integral part of any website that asks for registration or signup. However, if we’re talking about an e-commerce web site, custom forms may play a key part when purchasing products or services. Let’s talk a bit more about online order form as an example that provides numerous advantages, simplifying purchasing procedure and making it as easy as apple pie.

Online order forms provide:

  • Clear and complete offers. You can enumerate all the available items that you sell in a dropdown menu or a chechbox section. Today, you don’t need to have a hardcore programmer beside you or even any coding skills to add an HTML block with a brief text description or an image of the product.
  • Easy ordering procedure. The only thing a customer needs is to select the product or service he wants to get, leave his contact details in the required fields, and specify the appropriate delivery date and time. It makes your life easier too, because you simply get the orders by e-mail. Moreover, all the information you get can be accurately stored in the form engine database and is perfectly manageable.
  • Additional benefits. The key objective of your online order form is to sell products or services, but it can do much better than this. It helps you to collect the information about your customers and their preferences to generate the databases. You get their contact details and anytime in future you can use them for sending personalized newsletters, indicating special offers, discounts or simply wishing all the best for Christmas.

Some tips to make a great custom form

Lame design may discourage your customers and decrease the completion rates of your website form. Your challenge is to make a stunning form to increase the chances that users will fill it out and finally click the ‘Submit’ button. Therefore, follow some simple rules to make your form successful:

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  • Think twice to determine what you need and what you don’t. Usually there are only a few fields that you actually need: a person’s name, e-mail address, a field for leaving a comment and a submit button. If you do not need something, just don’t ask! People hate leaving the information without understanding “what for?” Still, if you need to learn something that the visitor may feel uncomfortable with, try to explain the reasoning.
  • The shorter the better. Make your custom form as short as you can. We understand that the situation differ and sometimes you need more detailed and personalized information, but whatever you need, find out the way to keep it precise.
  • Mark the *Required and (Optional) fields. Even if you ask only for the information that you absolutely need to know, there still may be the field that can be marked as optional. Just think of it.
  • User-friendly ‘Submit’ button. Make sure that the user easily finds the button that will inform him what will happen after he fills out the form. You may call it ‘Join now’, ‘Send Message’, ‘Contact us’ etc., but, please, make it clickable and easy-to-find.
  • Track your progress. After you built a really nice custom form, you may want to ensure it’s success over time. Compare the number of completed forms to the traffic of the page, where this form is placed. Use the result as a guide to future progress: try various field content and layout. Over time, you will see the completion rates get higher and your sales go up.

Google search will provide you with numerous options for creating various custom forms. Different e-commerce platforms, like Magento, offer special professional add-ons for creating any kind of web forms for maintaining contact with your customers, collecting additional info and generating e-mail database with minimum efforts.


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