4 Weapons Blogger Need for Offline Branding & Networking

A blogger’s life is ‘online’ but increasingly, it’s becoming important for bloggers to take note of offline branding too.

What is Offline Branding?

Offline Branding


Offline branding, as online, is simply the creation of buzz around the blog. You get to attend meets and conferences, connect with people personally and truth be told, this gives a good boost to business, especially if you’re offering services like SEO and SMO, apart from being a blogger.

Now, online your presence is mostly defined by being on social media, but what about offline?

4 weapons Blogger Need for Offline Branding

Here are some things you should begin with.

1) Business Cards

This is a must-have and equally important is how you represent your image through these cards. Do you want to build your name as a brand or give whole focus to building blogging as a brand? Either way, you need business cards and these days business cards are easily available online; you can check out Groupon stores or use Printvenue discount coupons for cashback.

Jitendra Vaswani Business Cards

You can try NFC cards and transparent cards. They are cool and different!

2) T-Shirts

T-shirt branding works like crazy! Sites like Teespring.com have made it possible to get branded t-shirts at cost effective prices. Brand your blog through these. You can print them locally or order them online from sites like Amazon.

BloggersIdeas T-shirt - Jitendra Vaswani

What will you do with these t-shirts? Wear them, of course! Again, if possible sponsor some events or if it’s financially expensive, you can do co-branding where two or more blog / company logos will be printed and distributed.

3) Printed Calendars

Again, calendars are something everyone needs, even though we can access them through smartphones and laptops. Depending on your blogging niche, you can circulate these calendars.

For instance, if your blog niche is “gardening”, you can contact local shops and businesses selling gardening items and offer to sponsor their yearly calendar.

4) Distribute Pen Drives

Pen drives come in various shapes and sizes; there’s no dearth of creativity and moreover, it is something that every person connected to the online world needs. So whenever you’re out for offline networking carry some with you and present it as a memento. Believe me; people are going to love you for that little gift.

Wrapping up, never forget to handover your business card to a person, a contact. Start attending events and conferences. It’s mandatory for a successful blogging career. Certainly, these branding elements are going to cost you so if you want to save some money, order from sites like PaisaFly and Groupon because you get coupons and cashback offers.

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