My Filthy Little Secret to Blogging Success

I publish 1 eBook weekly.

I publish one 6,000 word blog post weekly.

I publish a new, fresh, podcast weekly.

I run multiple online businesses.

….I blog from paradise.

Blogging’s filthy little secret isn’t so filthy to free, prolific, full time income earning bloggers, but it’s down and dirty, and elusive, to struggling bloggers. It is a secret to most folks because they don’t want you to know that
this blogging deal does ya dirty sometimes. Sometimes, you’ll fall flat on your face, and sometimes, you’ll pull a mental muscle, because you’re doing this, but you’ll also live your dreams by uncovering this secret.

Here it is, this little nasty secret:

All of your blogging growth AND success lies in stretching.

I know you may be having a helluva time growing. And succeeding. Goodness knows I’ve been there. But I also figured out how to free me, and how to free you.


What are a few examples of blogging stretching? What practical blogging tips can you follow to grow and to succeed and to free yourself?

Write 200 Extra Words Today

For your blog post. For your eBook. Write 200 extra words. Observe how quickly your limiting beliefs pop up. Watch how quickly you make excuses, or, how swiftly you just blame the idea known as Writer’s Block…..or…….you can do the
most freeing, spectacular, inspired thing on earth: sit, wait, embrace the mental suffering, and write the extra 200 words.

This may sound miraculous but following the extra 200 word habit inspired me to blog from Fiji for 4 months. I started at 200 words daily. I added a few hundred words daily, each week. Today, I write between 6,000 and 10,000 words daily.
Because I started at 200, and kept to it no matter what. I stretched. That stretching led to the writing habit which boosted my blogging income and which allowed me to live in Savusavu, Fiji, for 4 months, through my blogging proceeds.

Write Your First eBook

I’ve spotted so many inspired bloggers who’re taking the plunge into writing eBooks. Do it!


Right now, as I type away at my keyboard like a mad man, I am soaking up a stunning view of paradise. Crisp blue skies meet my eyes in Jimbaran, Bali. I’ve had some insane experiences too: meeting Bali boobies (one local farmer women
goes topless, as the older Balinese women do in the ‘hood), encountering spitting cobras, dealing with a monstrously large but affectionate chicken-killing Rottweiler and yes, experiencing the pain and suffering of paying $2.45 for a
massive portion of Balinese food, all healthy and delicious, from a local Balinese warung.

I live this life because I stretched.

Point blank.

Each extra word, each new venture, each blogging video I shot, when I felt awkward, and hated how I sounded, and looked, led to me being a natural in front of the camera. I nail interviews. Everything is EASY when the lights come on, for
me, because I stretched. Ditto on the writing side of things.

I polished my skills. I earned the trust of my audience. I grew. I developed my talents. I blog from paradise. Because I stretched myself to free me and to free you.

Writing my first eBook was the catalyst to boost my blogging energy and clarity. Sure I increased my blogging income but the real treasure, the real benefit, in so doing was forming the writing habit that led to me being a prolific SOB.


I publish 1 eBook on Amazon weekly. I also publish a 6,000 word weekly blog post. I am no Sherlock Holmes of Hoi An, Vietnam, nor am I a Hard Boiled Detective in Delhi, India, and I am no Private Eye in Penang, Malaysia (yes, I’ve
visited each city….loved ’em!) but I have a sneaking suspicion that pushing myself a bit more, and stretching, to write 1 eBook weekly, inspired me to write like some folks breathe. I also inspired my audience, all those fellow and
aspiring island hoppers, to blast through their limits.

Start Your Podcast

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping Episode 1 is live! I will chat from paradise solo, some weeks, and I’ll also interview blogging bosses on my podcast. The goal: to have a freaking blast, to show off my hammy (babi guling, look
that up in Bahasa Indonesia, Terima Kasih) side and to inspire you to break the chains of the 9-5 if you want to live a freeing, happy, island hopping life.

Publishing a podcast took some stretching. I admit it; this is a bit of a challenge, considering that I am publishing the eBook weekly, the 6,000 word post weekly, running my freelance writing business and my blog coaching business, and
factor in my aggressive blog commenting campaign, and yep, I do the type of stuff one may do in paradise, and you get the hint that this is a freeing but uncomfortable add to my already stacked list.

But I stretch. To grow. To succeed.

I am inspired by guys like Zac. He’s a fellow NJ guy who’s blasted through resistance to become a blogging boss, an internet icon, and although I spend little time in Jersey these days I still claim the place as home, and see some
similarities in our stories.

Guys, if you do 1 thing today, subscribe to Zac’s blog here at Blogging Tips. He’s a tremendous leader, a nice guy and he does as good a job as anybody at uncovering that filthy little secret that will accelerate your blogging success:
you need to stretch!

Your Turn

Get excited about stretching. Freedom awaits you. Each uncomfortable decision is a building block toward living a dream life.

How are you stretching as a blogger today?

What little bit extra can you do to accelerate your success?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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