AdsBridge: Revolutionary Tracker and Landing Page Builder

Bloggers and affiliate marketers are very similar. Both need traffic and leads to survive. How you get these leads is the life line for your blog, brand and business.

Affiliate marketers use landing pages to convert cold traffic into leads for other companies.

Bloggers use landing pages to increase their mailing list size and to bring awareness to any products, services or affiliate offers they might want to promote.

In short, landing pages are an extremely important asset to all online marketers — affiliates and bloggers alike. No matter which of the two you consider yourself, when it comes to landing page creation and tracking leads, nothing else matters.

One of the biggest problems for bloggers and online marketers is the need to find a high quality and reliable landing page designer and also installing a tracking platform they can understand. In most cases, this is usually a big headache and never ends up the way you’d like it to.

This isn’t just a wish list for bloggers and online marketers, it’s also the core structure that makes up AdsBridge and the powerful platform they’ve created for their users. AdsBridge makes it extremely easy for anyone to create landing pages, track conversions and improve campaign performance while also having the ability to split test at a moment’s notice.

How to Grow Your Revenue with AdsBridge

Right off the bat, with a solution like AdsBridge, you no longer have to deal with the frustrations of going back and forth with your designer to create a landing page that looks and feels the way you want. You will also have full access to their amazing tracking platform that is all hosted within their site, which means you don’t need to mess around with downloading software and installing a separate tracking platform to your server — both of which (landing page editor and tracking system) are extremely easy to learn and use.

AdsBridge Next Generation Tracker and Landing Page Builder-min

In this review we are going to take a look at the major components that make up AdsBridge, which would be their landing page creator and the backend tracking platform that offers pretty much anything you could possible need as an affiliate marketer or blogger.

How to Create Landing Pages in AdsBridge

Affiliate marketers and bloggers are what they are… they weren’t meant to be graphic designers too. This is where AdsBridge’s landing page editor really comes into play.

The concept is simple… first you would choose the niche or theme you want your landing page designed around. Then you can go into the AdsBridge editor and start building your landing page in their WYSIWYG editor. No coding, no downloads and no uploading through FTP — it’s all hosted within AdsBridge.

There are many different landing page categories for you to choose from. Templates range from long form sales pages, email submits and even ones that have forms on the actual landing page itself. You can also sort landing pages based off their categories, which are mainly focused on Dating, Health, Downloads, Sweepstakes, Travel.

New landing pages are being added often and they are all also very high quality and easy to customize to match any look and feel you are going for.

Examples of Landing Page Templates through AdsBridge-min

After looking through each of the landing pages within AdsBridge, you can select the one you want to customize and it will send you right into their live landing page editor. This tool in itself is well worth the cost of a monthly subscription, as it will eliminate the need for you to pay outside landing page designers and lead gen services.

Landing Page Editor Within AdsBridge-min

Tracking Ad Campaigns and Performance within AdsBridge

Creating a landing page is one thing, but being able to track it’s performance is another. Years ago affiliate marketers would need to create their landing pages in one software, upload it to their server and then integrate it with another tracking solution. Now all of this can be done right within AdsBridge.

Within AdsBridge you can track ad campaigns based on their geographic location, traffic source, traffic type and much more. Once you start receiving data on your landing pages and see a few conversions, you can then track, manage and analyze your data to see which traffic sources and landing pages are working best.

Tracking Platform Inside of AdsBridge-min

The screenshot above gives you a good idea of the type of tracking and charts that are available within AdsBridge. I’ve also highlighting some of their most beneficial features below.

  • Flexible targeting options – Gone are the days of just advertising to a general audience and hoping for the best. Now ad campaigns need to be direct and set specifically for their audience and how they are accessing your site. To make the most of your ad campaigns you need to take advantage of multiple targeting options such as language, country, browser, OS, device, mobile operator, time and day.
  • Optimize Your CampaignsOptimization of your landing page is key to not only creating the best experience for users who are accessing your site, but also to increase conversions by having fast loading times and performance at all times. AdsBridge’s built in optimization tracking will alert you on how to maximize the performance of your landing pages and ad campaigns.
  • Alert Notifications – When it comes to running active ad campaigns and spending your valuable advertising dollars, nothing is worse than having unexpected downtime issues on your end or through the advertiser. To minimize these issues, AdsBridge also has a built in alert system to notify you if any tracking or landing pages appear to be down.
  • Conversion Tracking – Conversion tracking is a breeze with AdsBridge, as all you need to do is create a new campaign and place a tracking pixel on your confirmation page. Once setup, you will start to see stats and full reporting in your dashboard area.
  • Powerful Reporting – Running profitable ad campaigns is more than just seeing how many people are visiting your site and converting, it’s also about analyzing your stats and learning how to better monetize your campaigns as well. Along with a beautiful interface and charts for tracking your campaign performance, AdsBridge offers full downloads and analyzing capability for all campaign stats.

AdsBridge is the Perfect Solutions for Affiliates and Bloggers

If you’ve ever created your own landing pages and had to setup a tracking system to go along with it, you can already tell how powerful and effective a solution like AdsBridge would be.

In addition to the topics I’ve discussed above, the video below will give you an insider’s look at their platform as well.

Access to AdsBridge is on a monthly basis and in comparison to other landing page software and tracking solutions, I would have to say they are very competitively priced.

While bloggers and online marketers both have two different business models and advertising budgets, it’s important to note that AdsBridge offers two different membership plans; Free and Professional ($79/m). I highly recommend you get started with your own free account and then update to premium when necessary.

AdsBridge is always coming out with new landing pages and features, so be sure to follow their blog and becoming a member of their platform today.

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