How to Optimize YouTube Videos? 5 Awesome Tricks

YouTube is the name of fun & entertainment, getting billions of views across the globe to watch nonstop videos. YouTube is the third most visited website and first on the rankings of video websites.

All these outstanding statistics of YouTube has significant implications for the ever changing business world, the young & thriving social media industry. With YouTube, business can promote their brands & products to a diverse number of visitors throughout the world.

More importantly, social media managers cannot ignore YouTube presence as videos are becoming the favorite source of information of online visitors.

Therefore, one should dedicate fair pool of resources to YouTube in order to divert high amount of traffic to their Blog/Website and to increase the bottom lines.

Beside allocating resources for YouTube and producing eye-catching videos, the one challenge that is not easily attainable is to optimize YouTube video in search results.


5 Ways to Optimize YouTube Videos for Smart Search Results

Here, in this post, I will unveil simple & effective tricks of optimizing YouTube videos.

1) YouTube Keywords

Like SEO, YouTube search optimization is not free from targeting the proper keywords.

If you really want some great return of your efforts & investment put on producing quality videos, you cannot ignore the selection of right keyword. Otherwise, you have to go after black hat methods (Paying people to visit your video) that cannot provide you optimal results.

There are many premium YouTube keyword search tool that you can use; however, is one free tool that offers you free keyword research option. YouTube also offers built-in keywords search tool.

2) YouTube Title, Description and Tags

YouTube videos suggest title to the search engine while compiling the results for searched queries. Video title can be long phrased; however, short title of less than 70 words is highly preferable for videos. Title should be relevant to the video and should include the targeted keyword.

Video description and tags are also used by search algorithm; therefore, these two options should also be filled with much care.

Add short & compelling description and most appropriate tags with every video you upload. It is always beneficial to add link to your blog or website within the description. However, description should be between 140-160 words. YouTube allows selecting 20 tags with each video so you should utilize all of them to increase the video visibility.

3) YouTube Video Annotations

YouTube video annotations add user friendly information to the videos. Annotations make videos more interactive and cover other informative aspects that are usually not covered inside the video.

Inside annotations you can include the address of your website or blog, address to another related YouTube video, highlight specific part of video and add required details etc. Information on six different types of YouTube video annotations (Speech bubble, Note, title, Spotlight, Label and Pause) also helps YouTube and Google searches to accumulate and present the search result to the users; thus, increasing your chance of improved visibility.

4) Playlist

YouTube playlists provide the album of related videos to users. With the playlist you can add relevant videos to your YouTube channel. Playlist of most relevant videos decreases user deviation from your channel as they can find all relevant stuff at one place.

Therefore, before targeting any keywords to produce YouTube videos you should select closely related high search keywords, on which you can produce quality videos. The title, description, and category part of YouTube playlist should also be filled with most relevant information.

5) High User engagement

One of the most effective factors in YouTube optimization is the number of views, likes and shares. That’s the reason we see so many websites offering YouTube video views and share offers.

However, these factors are considered as black hat methods and therefore can’t help you to get the maximum output. But, if you are successful with producing high quality video that really solves the problem of viewers or add value to them then getting more views and engagement is not a big deal.

For increasing video engagement you can follow these actions.

  • Produce video with quality camera and video recorder because YouTube loves quality videos without resolution or voice problems
  • Brand your YouTube channel by customizing YouTube channel layout and by developing customized banner.
  • Produce video addressing the problems of viewers instead of directly marketing your brand or product.
  • Do commenting on the videos of related channel.
  • Add videos to your blog and share them on other social media sites.
  • Use annotations to encourage your visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel.


YouTube is a really awesome resource to grab eyeballs. Why are YOU letting it pass away?

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