The Gigantic Benefits Of Blogging For College Students

College is the place where you become responsible and somewhat on your own. In fact, that’s where you should actually learn and force yourself to be on your own. Going through the academic years can be really a tough job with all the projects coming up, bills to pay and working your way to making yourself an expert on the industry in which you are planning to work on.

Blogging is the new era hobby-business which is growing like anything on the globe. And it sure is a beneficial game. Well, if you are a college student who comes under the above category, consider this your lucky day. Because, in this post, you’ll learn why you need to blog and how you can leverage your free time to shape a better future for yourself.

Benefits of Blogging For Students

To start a blog, run it up and monetize it to fill your pocket up isn’t a big deal. Okay, I’ve to be frank with you. You’ll struggle just a little bit when you start out and will get the hang of it later. Then, things will become much easier as it gets everyday. So, what are the best benefits for students who get into blogging?

Establish yourself as an Industry Expert.

What is the course or subject which you’ve taken up on college? Is it the same field where you want to work on in the future? Well, if it is: Blogging is (one of the) best way to become an expert on that industry. But how?

Okay, let’s say Alan is a student of Computer Science. He studies stuff like programming, all those software things and such. One fine day, he makes this blog on the niche – Computer Science itself. He writes what he knows, something other people could learn and take away. He writes the things he experiments, things he found and the things he believe will help others. He showcases his skills by writing about that particular stuff, and in time, the blog grows – thus making an established Go-To guy on that field.

People will talk about him not just as an expert blogger, but also as an expert Computer Science techie. Now, Alan is the go-to guy on the field. With this fame and establishment he had built, Alan can easily get into any companies or business that is related to the field. He might not even need to go through a big old interview process.

He can pitch the companies or websites in which he would like to work by sending his blog link, thus making a better impression. I’ve got a friend of mine who built a blog on behavioral psychology while he was studying that subject. Now, he works as a counselor for a personality development firm, living his dreams, happily ever after.

Earn Money while you Study.

They say:

Money can’t buy Happiness.

No offence, I totally disagree. Well, if you also put in your cognitive skills into it and think, you’ll have to agree with me, thus disagreeing the adage. You pay your due bills with money. You buy textbooks and live in an apartment using money. You party and have fun. All these include money. And, without these things, your college life isn’t going to be happy.

I really feel sad when I see college students struggling to get part time jobs to earn money. If you’re struggling to pay your bills or to find money to meet your requirements, blogging is the best way to make money online as a student.

Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

So, lets bring in Alan into the scene once again. He is still at his first year and his blog is growing. He reaches his second year and he now have an established blog, which brings in a lot of targeted traffic. Alas! Alan is in need of some money. He needs to move out of the apartment and find a better one. He has a lot of text books to buy.

That’s where he monetizes his blog. The internet is the place where money rolls in and out, a lot of it. And with the established blog on Computer Technology he has, he can promote some affiliate products, advertise for companies directly or even use AdSense to monetize the blog. He can even do all of it together.

The commissions that he gets from every affiliate sales he make, the payment he receives on doing the advertisement deal and the money he earns through AdSense will altogether will be more than enough. He can buy a better apartment than the “better” apartment he thought of. He can buy the text books he needed and even buy a laptop and more.

Blogging helps students to earn money while studying. You don’t need to put in a lot of time and effort if you’re doing things the right way. [Read the Complete Guide to Blogging]

One and a half year ago, I launched a micro-niche blog. I used to spend 7 to 11 hours maximum a week on writing and promoting the blog. And within 5 months of launching, I was able to earn $220/month. And the revenue went on going up as time moved forward. After one year, I sold the blog for $950. Think about it.

If I can do it, why can’t you?

Over to you.

I believe you are able to take something away before you leave. So, if you’re a college student, start blogging right away. Find your industry (niche), keep writing, promote it and monetize it. Good luck.

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