How to Use Guest Blogging to Build Quality Links, Relationships And Traffic

Guest blogging isn’t dead as most people said. Only spam link building through guest blogging is dead. If done right, guest posting on other blogs not only gives you traffic but you can nurture relationships with other bloggers as well.

Still most people are not able to harness the power of guest blogging. If you’re one among them, this article is for you where I’m going to share about few strategies to use guest blogging to build links, increase traffic and relationships.

Google always loves content rich sites. So make sure you are aiming to publish your guest posts only on the sites that have top notch content.

Guest Blogging Benefits

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Don’t try to land on the blogs with thin content just to build links for your sites. It will hurt your site rankings more than help, so spend your time wisely by guest posting on the sites that have engaging readers.

Let’s dive into the details without further ado.

Building Quality Links

Most quality links can be built with relationship building. Make sure to use guest blogging for building relationships rather than just links.

Why would anyone link to your posts? No one links to strangers. Create relationships with other bloggers in your niche, start linking to their posts and provide value by helping them.

One of the best ways to build quality relationships with other bloggers is through guest blogging. Whenever you write a guest post, make sure to link to few other sites that have relevant and high quality information.

Once your guest post goes live, email the blog owners to whom you linked and ask them read or tweet your posts. Most of the time, they will at least tweet your posts, that way your guest posts will get more visibility. That increases traffic to the blog owner’s site where you have guest blogged, and also relationships with you.

Increasing Your Website Traffic

Guest posts not only helpful for building relationships but they also bring more traffic to your blogs. The tip to get more traffic from guest posts is NOT to use your links on author bio. Most of the time, the people who read your guest posts don’t often read author bio’s and click on your website links.

So try to link to your own website posts (make them relevant) while writing your guest posts. Before linking to your posts, take the permission from the blog owners who you’re guest blogging for.

How to research the BEST sites to write guest posts? Most beginners to guest blogging ask questions like “how to find the sites that accept my guest posts”. You don’t have to land your guest posts on any blog, you have to make sure to write guest posts on relevant blogs to get more out of your guest blogging journey.

Here are few search queries you can start typing on Google to get better results for finding blogs to guest post on.

“guest bloggers” [topic]
“guest blogging” [topic]
“guest posting” [topic]
“write for us” [topic]
“contribute” [topic]

For example, if your blog is a marketing blog, you could search for terms like “write for us” [marketing], this way you’ll be able to find number of sites that accept guest posts.

Once you find the sites, you can check their stats like number of subscribers, social media followers, blog comments per post etc to know the quality of their sites.

Note: Here’s a great compilation of 200+ websites that accept guest posts.

Building Healthy Relationships with Other Bloggers

The ONLY way to succeed in guest blogging is to nurture your relationships with other bloggers. Networking is the key to make more out of guest blogging. If you’re writing guest posts just for the sake of links, you should probably stop it. Instead focus on bringing more value to the blogosphere by crafting great guest posts.

Once your guest post goes live, promote the hell out of it to reach wider audience. Ask your followers to share it on their networks, also email your lists about your guest posts, and ask influencers to promote it.

Respond to each and every comment your guest post receives, build a rapport with their audience and ask for an honest feedback about your guest posts. This way you’ll be able to harness the power of guest posting to land more subscribers, traffic and sales.

Send a personal email to the blog owner where you’ve landed your guest post and thank him for publishing it. Most of the time, you will get a reply. Even if not, there’s nothing to worry, keep on writing guest posts for other bloggers and rinse and repeat the same process.

Outreach is the Key to Successful Guest Blogging

If you’re aware of it or not, outreaching with others is the most effective way to increase your traffic and links from guest blogging.

If you want to improve your chances of getting your guest posts accepted, learn how to pitch emails with the blog owners. Likewise, once your guest post goes live, send a simple thank you email to grab their attention. This email outreach is the key to successful guest blogging.

If you’re not sure what to send, here’s a sample email pitch to get your guest posts accepted.

Hi [name],

I’m an avid read of your blog and I must say you’ve top notch content.

I know you’re a busy blogger, so I want to keep this email short and simple. I want to write a guest post for your audience.

[Insert the guest post topic]

Here’s my previous writing work just in case if you want to know my blogging
abilities. [insert your previous guest posts links or your own blog posts]

Let me know your thoughts about it. Keep up your awesome work!


Your name

That’s it! The above email pitch is really simple and if the blog owner likes your topic, he would be glad to publish your guest posts.

In a nutshell: Start considering guest blogging as a “relationship building” medium instead of thinking it like a link building strategy. The more quality guest posts you publish the more traffic and incoming links you will get. Make sure to keep in touch with other bloggers to succeed in blogging world.

Let me know your thoughts about guest blogging? Do you have any more guest posting tips?

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