Explode Audience Engagement by Using Twitter Video

In the world of social media, Facebook and Twitter are king.

Whichever of the two you prefer, it’s important you always pay attention to both. The reasoning behind this is that they are always trying to one-up another and coming out with new features all the time.

A great new way that anyone can increase engagement and brand power is through Twitter video responses.

This is something that Gary Vaynerchuk has been talking about and actually doing lately. You can see a recent video he did on the topic below.

If you have two minutes to check out the video, I recommend you do, as it will better explain the point I’m trying to get across here.

Twitter is awesome from brand engagement and awareness. When you send out a Tweet it goes out to everyone… the only problem is that most of these tweets get lost in the mix. However, that’s now a huge factor since you can continually send out posts as often as you want.

What doesn’t go unnoticed is when someone responds to your Tweets!

“Why does a wink from your favorite basketball player matter? That becomes retention… you hit emotion, that’s what it’s about. That extra effort” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Everyone loves to see someone send a a few simple works about their latest blog posts, thoughts on a topic or even to say they are a reader of your blog.

So…. how can we take that level of engagement and bring it up another level? That’s where Twitter video responses now come into play!

You can see another example how Gary is using Twitter video by checking out one of his status updates here.

Here’s the cool thing… responding to comments or status updates on Twitter with a video will only take you 10-12 seconds — but it will leave a lasting impression to your audience forever!

Who else is doing video replies? Right now… not many people, and it’s a great opportunity for you to jump in ahead of competition and get a head start.

The next time you release a blog post of have a hot topic going live on your blog, why not monitor who is talking about it on social media and instead of clicking the “star” button for a quick favorite, or even doing a simple “retweet”… why not put a few seconds of yourself out there in video and see what happens!

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