A step-by-step guide to apply The Content Upgrade and Get Results Nearly Instantly

I’ve been posting about the content upgrade thing for 2 months now.

I know it seems a lot of content, and it is. Some people even complained about it, that’s why I created this post to conclude the series of posts about content upgrades and getting more subscribers for your blog. It’s more than 4 months of content on this blog.

I hope you enjoyed them.

Before I dive deep into this post, make sure to check previous posts, especially the content upgrade one to understand exactly what to do after reading this post.

Here are the posts:

If you’ve an established blog, here’s what to do

If you’ve a blog generating some traffic, follow the next steps to start squeezing more subscribers from the traffic you’re getting.

1. Go to Google Analytics or your analytics tool and find the top-traffic pages on your site.

2. Check the 5 techniques I shared with you in the last 3 posts.

3. Determine the one that could work with each one and that’s suitable for you. If you’ve a script/template, use the last one, if you’re busy, just create a pdf of the post.

4. Follow the step-by-step guide I provided after the technique you’ll choose and get it done.

5. Share the content upgrade on the page and set it up as I showed you in this post and this one. Add a yellow box at the third of your post, before you dive deep into the how and at the end of the post.

6. repeat the above steps for the top posts again.

7. When you create any new post, make sure to use one of the techniques to apply the content upgrade.

That’s it. Repeat the step 7 again forever and you’re done.

If your blog is still new?

No problem, you still didn’t waste a lot of the traffic like other bloggers.

You could start using the content upgrade to squeeze as much of the traffic you’ll get to your new posts.

Here’s what to do:

1. Write the post.

2. Create a content resource for this post.

3. Share it in your post. Add a yellow box at the third of your post, before you dive deep into the how and at the end of the post.

4. Rinse and repeat.

Over to you

What do you think about this series? Do you think we could have added something to it to make it more valuable?

Did you apply any of the techniques and got results? Make sure to share them in the comments.

Thanks again for following through this. Hope you enjoyed it and wait for more awesome posts like these. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy them.

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