How Create a Quick How-to video help You Get 100x More From Your Post

So you spent a lot of time writing the highest quality post out there.

You’re afraid to publish it, and then you get no ROI for the time you invested, either in the short term, or in the long term.

If that’s the case, this post is for you, so continue reading.

Content upgrades are a great way to help you get more ROI with just fraction of the time you spent on creating the post.

In the past few weeks, I shared with you 3 techniques to apply content upgrade. Today, I share the 4th. Yes, it’s another simple one and very valuable for your audience.

But make sure to check previous post, so you don’t miss the good stuff there.

The How-to video

Have a great article that shows people how to do something  is really great.

Sometimes, readers maybe overwhelmed and yet, can’t do what you shared in the post. They would like to see a video of someone doing that live in front of them.

All you need to do is record your screen of you doing it and that’s it. That’s the short of it.

Here’s the long form it.

How to create it?

1. Outline what you’ll do in the video. It makes it easier for you, when you start the recording, so you don’t go out of the topic.

2. Record the video at one take. Don’t cut it. Just shoot it, and if you do a mistake, wait for few seconds and then repeat the last sentence again. Don’t redo the whole stuff again.

You could edit later.

Here’re the tools you may need:

  • use camtasia to record screen and voice together.
  • your iphone microphone could do the job.

3.trim dead space. Always cut dead parts at the beginning and the end, also delete the parts you did wrong in your video.

Use screenflow if you’re on mac, or use camtasia, to do all this stuff for you.

An example?

Bryan Harris did a good job in his post, Expanded Guest Post: How to 100x the effectiveness of your next guest post.

He recorded a video showing people how he do the expectation part. Here is an image of the page he posted the video on.

Note: You don’t need to create the video on the whole article. Just create it on the part that is hard to apply, even after reading the article. Demonstrate it live for people to do it later.

It’s your turn

So how are you planning to apply this technique? Share this in the comments below.

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