32 Famous Brands Using WordPress CMS

Blogging isn’t for everyone… and when you mention the word to anyone who isn’t already in the internet marketing space or a blogger already, they might think you are a joke and have no idea what you are doing!

However, blogging has changed a lot over the years and this can be mainly attributed to the growth and success of the WordPress platform.

WordPress has eliminated the need for anyone to get their hands dirty with coding, touching HTML, needing to learn FTP or even how to setup your own web hosting service and more… in short, WordPress makes blogging easy.

WordPress has also made site and content creation easier than ever, and their platform now powers more then 20% of the top sites in the world today.

20.9% of the top 500,000 sites listed on Alexa are currently using WordPress to power their sites! – HackerTarget.com

It’s also important to note that WordPress isn’t just for those looking to create a blog and build their own little spot on the internet.

No, not at all!

Instead it’s actually powering some of the largest brands in the world today — such as Wall Street Journal, CNN, Mashable, The Rolling Stones, Sony, NASA and many others!

Be sure to check out the infographic (from WooRockets) below to see how many of your favorite news, education and entertainment sites are also using WordPress to power their business, brands and online communities.

Famous Brands Using WordPress

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