How Giving Few More Tips Would Increase The Value of Your Post 100x

In the past 2 weeks, I had shared with you 2  techniques to help you apply the content upgrade thing. The best part is that they could take you less than 10 minutes to apply it and you’ll have 100x better results.

In today’s post, I share with you another technique. It’s used by some of the popular bloggers. With just sharing few more tips, you could have 100x better results. I think it’s worth it, if you’ll share 100 tips and then add another 5, right?

So continue reading.

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The Technique: Give Additional Premium Tips

As you know, having a content upgrade could bring you much more better results.

Sharing content is great, but people don’t value them a lot because they’re free.

Giving more tips and asking people to subscribe to get them, will make the tips look premium for the readers, even if they didn’t pay you money. They paid their email, and you must value it.

Again, they paid their email, and you must value it

But if you do this wrong, people will feel that you scammed them because you should have posted this in the article, so continue reading to know how to do it, effectively.

How to apply it?

Don’t make it seems your post is incomplete. It’s additional part, that provides more value. Get this wrong and everything else won’t work.

After you find this additional tips, do the following.

1. Write these tips in a new page. You could name it (topic) bonus.

2. Publish it. If you publish it as a page, it won’t appear on your blog timeline. That’s what we want.

3. Subscribers are redirected to this page, when they’re subscribed.

An example?

I can’t think of a better example than Noah Kogan’s We Analyzed the 3,000 Most Successful LinkedIn Publishing Posts.

In the post, he cover the data he got and what does that mean for you as a publisher.

Then he offered a bonus section. It shows you additional tips. They’re not covered by data, but they’re proven to work. Got the idea?

It’s your turn

How are you planning to apply this content upgrade strategy? Make sure to share in the comments below.

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