Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers in 2015

WordPress plugins bring blogs to life, and are just one of the many reasons why bloggers continually choose WordPress and the standard platform for creating blogs.

Through the use of plugins, any site owner can turn their basic WordPress site into an interactive, engaging and powerful source for information… and even a full fledged business in the process. In short, plugins make every day tasks like seo, stats tracking, ad management, security, caching, monetization and much more easier.

Another big reason why WordPress is at the top of the minds of every blogger, is that new plugins are coming out all the time. What was hot last year most likely isn’t going to be hot this year.

Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers in 2015

With that being said, we are delighted to profile a new “Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers in 2015” infographic which can be seen below. (source: Devrix)

Be sure to run through the list below, update any necessary plugins that are currently out of date in your WP dashboard right now and also see if any of the plugins below might be a good fit for your blog in the new year!

Feel free to add any of your favorite WordPress plugins in the comments section below.


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  6. Labib January 13, 2015
  7. Rahul Baniwal January 14, 2015
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