Why Should You Create Content Upgrades? Part 1

When you get 2 to 3% optin rate from your post, you feel great.

You must feel though because you’re getting above the average. Many people get 1% or even .5% and they think that’s enough for them.

But if you’re a new blogger, you want any additional subscriber. You’ll do anything to increase conversions, even if that will get you couple more email subscribers. After all, money is in the list so you need to do your best to get more subscribers.

If you’re in the blogging space for some time, you know how much it takes to get 1000 visitors or even 100 visitors when you’re starting out. A lot of hard work.

When your conversion rate is 2 to 3%, which is above average, you just get 2-3 subscribers from every 100 visitors who visit your blog.

What a waste of time.

But here is one simple thing that won’t take you much time and will increase your conversions to the roof.

But before I talk about it, you maybe interested to check previous posts in our list building series.


Enter Content Upgrades

This name was coined by Brian Dean from Backlinko.

Gael Breton from authority hacker has came up with a definition that I like:

A content upgrade is a complementary piece of information your readers can download in exchange for jumping through a hoop such as sharing the post or giving you his/her email address.

It is generally offered towards the end of the content so that it pushes the buttons of the most engaged readers who are eager to get as much information on the topic as possible as fast as possible.

To sum it all up, it’s the bonuses that you see now a lot in the blogging space asking you to optin to grab them.

Why should you use it?

I bet you know the answer…

Increase your email list.

But let’s talk about specific data that shows how powerful this technique is.

  1. Bryan of Video Fruit was able to 100x the effectiveness of guest posts by adding a content upgrade to his guest posts. I talked about this more in the previous post in this series.
  2. Brian Dean of Backlinko was able to increase Conversions by 785% in One Day (Without A/B Testing)

He found the most popular post on his blog, the Google’s 200 ranking factors. He then added a checklist at the end of the post and asked people to optin.

Boom. He was able to increase conversions by 785%.

Actually there are many more success stories that show the effectiveness of this technique. It shows you that it works and worth the time to do it.

Over to you

What is your most popular post on your blog and how you are planning to implement it.

And wait for the next post where I go in details into how to apply this technique.

Actually, I’ll create a series of posts, so wait for them.


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