How to Hyper your Blog Growth by Saying Thank You

Did you say thank you?

There is a huge list of ways to get more traffic and more email subscribers, like SEO, guest posting, PPC, facebook marketing, twitter, slideshare, writing great content, linkedin, networking at events, podcasting, commenting and so on.

Some of these strategy will work for some people and other strategies will work to other people.

Many people were able to use the power of guest posting to build huge businesses on. Others were able to use the power of podcasting to build their businesses on. Others were able to use facebook marketing only to build their businesses on.

Many people on the internet prove that these strategies work and others prove they don’t.

The only strategy that everyone proved that it works always is saying thank you.

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Why is it such a powerful strategy?

When you help me and I say thank you, what do you feel?

When you thank someone for doing something, they’ll feel the power of what they’re doing and they’ll keep doing it.

It’s that simple.

Did you see how powerful this strategy is?

Who do you thank?

  • Thank your readers for reading your posts.
  • Thank your commentators for commenting on your posts.
  • Thank your subscribers
  • Thank your mentors who were behind you till you succeeded
  • Thank anyone who helped you do something, when they weren’t in the need of doing it
  • Thank your family for supporting you.

The list goes on. You know who to thank.

It’s about giving and that’s how you achieve what you want.

How to do it?

  • Send them an email.
  • Link to them in your posts.
  • Tweet them and @mention them


You now what I want to say thanks, here.

Thank You

Thanks for taking the time to read the post. Thanks for following along my articles on the site. Thanks for your time to comment on my posts.

Thank you.

And thanks Zac for giving me the permission to contribute to this awesome community. Thanks a lot.

It’s about giving, even with a word

This word matters a lot.

If you didn’t yet, then start thanking everyone who helped you in the past.

You could even thank them below in the comment section.

Again, thank you for following a long with me.

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