How to Use Pre-selling to Get More Subscribers? The Technique that is Rarely Used

Building an email list.

It’s a hard topic, nearly the hardest in online marketing after closing the sale.

I’ve been posting about this topic for some time now, hope you’re enjoying these posts.

What I’m trying to do in this series is to cover some techniques that is rarely used by other marketers and it’s not mentioned a lot.

However, they’re really powerful and don’t take a lot of time to implement those in your posts.

If you’d like to keep up with these posts, make sure to check previous posts before you continue reading. You’ll find a couple of tips that you don’t use and you’ll get huge results, so make sure to check them:

What is pre-selling?

When you go to a website and read great content and then you’re asked to do an action (like subscribing to an email list), that’s pre-selling.

When you go to a page use a tool, like it and then you’re asked to buy it, that’s pre-selling.

Got the idea? Pre-selling is actually what you do to try to convince the prospect to take an action, so when you ask him to take it, he’ll be pumped to take that action.

The question now is…

How to Pre-sell your readers to subscribe?

There are many ways to pre-sell your readers to subscribe. One of these techniques are mentioned above is to share insanely awesome content that makes it no-brainer not to subscribe to your blog.

Another way, which is really effective, is to create a page specifically to ask visitors to subscribe to your blog.

Your job now is to send visitors to this page.


  1. Link to it in the navigation bar
  2. Use the scroll-box which appears at the bottom of the page as a pre-sell to this page, awesome right?
  3. Use the WWSGD plugin. More on this below.

The last one is the best of those.

The plugin, What would Seth Godin do, could make you wonders. You could use it to display a message box for new visitors to check your pre-sell page. Yes, pre-selling to pre-selling page.

It’s your time to take action:

Pre-selling is one of those techniques that could be very powerful when done right, but it could make you more harm, if you don’t do it right.

I’ve shown you some of the ways to use pre-selling. Make sure to test them and keep testing with words and all this stuff.

But the most important thing is to take action.

What do you think about this technique? Do you’ve any other ideas on how to apply it?

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