How to Use the Power of Scarcity to Increase Your Email Subscribers

So you are building your email list?

It’s really a hard job to build an engaged email list.

It takes time to build your email list but it worth it. You’ll be able to earn money consistently after that without much work.

It’s all about building an email list, engaging your subscribers and closing the sale. The first is always the hardest specially for newbies.

But there is often few adjustments that could boost your email subscribers without additional work. Yes, it’s just few adjustments.

Some of these could boost your email subscribers by a great percentage over night, without much work.

Scarcity is one of these keys that could boost your email subscribers and I’ll show you how in this post, so continue reading.

What is Scarcity?

It’s one of the powerful tools used in marketing by most of the biggest companies in the world.

Scarcity is basically where you create the idea in someone’s mind that your product is available for limited time. The brain will then send signals that the product is valuable, it tells the body that it needs to get it because it won’t be there forever.

Did you see how powerful is it?

It’ll triggers the brain of your prospects to hop on the email list because it won’t be available after that and it instantly increases the value of your incentive that you’re giving away.

How other marketing firms using this tool?

This tip is used by almost all of the companies because it’s very powerful.

Here’s how some of these are using it:

  • Car company: The new VW Golf $49,990 for a limited time only.
  • Abdominal machine: Call in the next 10 minutes to get 50% discount!
  • Carpet Sales: We’re moving location – get 50% off only while stocks last!

How to use it?

By introducing scarcity to your incentives, you’ll instantly increase the value of your incentive and you’ll increase your conversion rates, so you’ll get more subscribers with less traffic.

A simple tip to add scarcity is to add “limited time offer.”

You could change the wording and use different synonyms, but this could do the job.

Last Words:

Building an email list is very hard at the initial stage. Tips like using scarcity is very important to help you get more without additional work.

That’s what I’m trying to do with this series of posts.

I didn’t post new posts last week because I’ve started college and I’m in the faculty of dentistry, so I’ll be a dentist soon 😉

Anyway, from today, I’ll post weekly posts with new tips like this to help you increase your subscribers, so wait for them.

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