How to Monetize Blog with Merchandise?

Bloggers put a lot of time, thought and energy into their work. While many do it simply because they’re passionate about what they write about, it’s not easy to find a blogger who is against the idea of making money off of what they do.

Monetizing one’s blog can be difficult, however, as there’s really no one-size-fits-all solution.

One thing that many bloggers overlook is how effective selling branded merchandise can be, and they’re missing out on a world of opportunity.

Merchandise to Monetize Blog

Monetizing your blog with merchandise can take a little work, but it’s surprisingly easy when you really think about it. Get the basics under your belt, and you’ll be making money in no time.

So, what are the basics?

Monetize Blog

  • Create Merchandise-Ready Branding

Before you put even a stitch of thought into what type of merchandise you’re looking to sell, it’s important to brand your blog in a way that will be tailor-fit to merchandise.

What this means is that you need a logo and tagline that will fit just as well on your blog as it will on a t-shirt or other piece of merchandise. Most bloggers already have something along these lines, although that isn’t to say that it is well-suited for printing on merchandise.

Keeping things small and compact is key and if you’re hoping to have different types of merchandise, you’ve got to ensure that each of your designs is cohesive with one another. Colors need to be the same, as do shapes and sizes. If the logo or other branding elements you currently have for your blog aren’t suitable for print, it’s time to make some changes.

  • Avoid Taking the Easy Route

You can easily create some branded t-shirts and mugs to be sold as merchandise on your blog, and quite frankly, you should. This isn’t where it should end, though. It’s important to be as creative as possible when determining what type of merchandise you’re going to sell, and it should coincide with whatever your niche might be.

If you run a food blog, for example, how about branded tumblers or plates? Those who run a tech blog might want to consider selling branded USB thumb drives. The options are endless, and you can brand practically anything these days.

You could even consider taking a DIY approach and use paints or other materials to brand your merchandise. While it may not be the best model for blogs that sell large volumes of merchandise, it could be ideal for those who are just getting into monetizing.

  • Don’t Overlook Shipping Packaging

Most people can agree that it’s a great feeling when a package shows up at the front door. One way to make your blog’s merchandise stand out even more (and thus further your branding efforts) is to actually focus on the packaging you use for shipping.

Most packages look relatively similar to one another, but you can stand out by using custom printed corrugated boxes or similar shipping materials that allow you to get creative. Even if you like ordering in bulk, you’re not restricted to plain packaging. You can also order custom made boxes in bulk.

The shipping package you end up using should be consistent with your branding, perhaps featuring your blog’s logo and tagline. You could keep it simple, too, as minimalism goes a long way when it comes to packaging.

Either way, you’ll only be helping to push your brand (and blog) in a forward direction by really taking the time to make the shipped merchandise package look unique.


Merchandising is a great way to monetize your blog. However, it is not a cup of tea for everyone. You need to put in a lot of effort. Even if your blog has a lot of authority, be ready to spend some money on creating and distributing branded blog merchandize for free or for promotional purposes.

With time, revenues will start pouring in.

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