32 Great Benefits of Blogging

I love blogging and I could give you 300+ reasons why blogging is so beneficial and how it can massively change your business and branding forever. Instead I will just give you a list of 32. Why 32 you ask? Because it’s my favorite number and it grabs attention.

Benefits of Blogging

32 Great Benefits of Blogging

  1. Build a platform for your audience to leave comments and engage with your comments.
  2. Enable social networking sharing links right within your site and content.
  3. Finally put that yourname.com (personal name) domain to good use and build a brand
  4. It’s one of the cheapest and most effective ways to build a brand online
  5. Google loves blogs because they usually create unique content more often than static sites
  6. WordPress makes the process of setting up a blog super easy
  7. There are over 100 million blogs in the world… shouldn’t you also have your own
  8. If you can create compelling content that provides value, it shouldn’t be hard for you to make money with a blog
  9. Using a blog as your online resume and source for individuals to find all of your information and social profiles is super easy
  10. Billion dollars companies are paying a ton of money to rank at the top of the search results, a quality blog post with a few links could do the same
  11. Blogs provide you with an outlet to talk about something you are passionate about
  12. Become an expert at something you love, while inspiring others
  13. If you don’t want to get your own domain name or hosting, you can start a blog completely free through Blogger or WordPress sites
  14. Expand your reach and meet new people everyday throughout the world from people who are finding your content
  15. Blogging makes you a better writer and more knowledgable in any given topic
  16. People share and link back to content on your site that they find value in
  17. Build a mailing list and create a loyal following through the use of newsletters and rss feeds
  18. Give away free ebooks and course through your blog to provide extra value outside of just blog posts
  19. With your own blog you can start a trend, following, business and concept… you just need to reach the right audience and get something going
  20. Build a platform and following through your blog that could lead into products, coaching and speaking gigs
  21. Learn how to use WordPress, make money online or anything else you might like by documenting the process on your blog
  22. Get a better job by building out industry related content on your site and connecting with fellow workers/companies online
  23. Become a published author by starting with a blog, then growing your following and eventually self publishing your own book through Amazon or possibly be approached by a huge brand
  24. Protect your online identity and reputation by having your own sites come up for your personal and/or business name in the search results
  25. With a blog you can established yourself as an expert in any field or topic. You only need to know 1% more than your audience to be perceived as an expert.
  26. Master the art of SEO. Web sites and blogs are the future and ranking in the search results is always going to be important — all of which can be learned while launching a blog of your own.
  27. Create a product, reach out to other blogs and make money off of what you are an expert in.
  28. Every day millions of people go to Google to look for answers to there questions. You can help people by creating a blog on detailed topics that you might already be an expert in or have experience with.
  29. Spread awareness for events, causes and charities that you are passionate about.
  30. Put yourself out there and see what happens. Blogging has changed the lives of many and how can it change yours?
  31. Connect with mentors, idols and celebrities through engaging content and in-post interviews
  32. Web sites and blogs are selling for lots of money. Create something of value and you could quickly cash in

How many blog benefits can you think of?

Now that I’ve ran through a ton of benefits to blogging that I’ve just randomly come up with off the top of my head, why don’t you add some of your benefits of blogging.

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