7 Advanced Ways to Promote Your Blog Content

Content promotion is moving away from big-box social media channels to more focused platforms that hone in on a specific target audience.
To draw the attention of the movers and shakers in your niche or industry, you have to travel somewhere besides the familiar paths to promote your content.
It all starts with using the right tools in your content promotion toolbox. Here are seven ways you can promote your content that goes beyond basic social media engagement:
1. Sniply 
You can give context to links you share through Sniply and make them work for your content. Sniply allows you to tack a relevant message or call to action onto a link you share on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or other major social media platforms.
If you are sharing content from another source, you can also include a link back to relevant content on your blog. It allows you to include sign up form for visitors to receive news and updates related to your blog.
Sniply has a cool feature where it lets you imbed viral content from Youtube or Vine and other popular visual content channels directly into your site. When people click on the embedded videos, it drives traffic back to you, so your blog benefits when it goes viral. This is big for beginning blogs that don’t have a lot of traction.
2. Outbrain 
When you read an article on high profile websites, you often come across a box at the bottom of the webpage containing a half-dozen images and links to other articles from around the web. Outbrain is responsible for bringing this targeted content to your attention.
Outbrain acts as a paid syndication service designed to connect content to interested audiences on high profile websites. It uses a per click distribution model. This means when your content receives a higher number of clicks, Outbrain will recommend your content on a higher number of websites. The cost per click is as low as $0.10 per article, so it offers an inexpensive option for getting many more eyeballs to see your content.
3. Subreddits 

Reddit is essentially the world’s biggest online bulletin board. Since there literally as many topics for discussion on Reddit as grains of sand at your local beach, subbreddits are useful for narrowing your target audience to a specific niche.
A subreddit is basically a niche within a content category. Self-improvement articles, for example, might be further divided into subreddits like fitness, philosophy, DIY and food. Content within these subreddits receives votes from members of the subreddit community.
A few good examples of niche subreddits:
College football: http://www.reddit.com/r/cfb
Reaction GIFs: http://www.reddit.com/r/reactiongifs
Movie News and discussion: http://www.reddit.com/r/movies
If you get positive votes, your content ranks higher in the subreddit and is seen by more people. The catch is you need to interact with others in the subreddit. If you are all about self-promotion, you can find yourself kicked out in a hurry. Troy Shanks at Blog Beast Network recommends spending 2-3 months of adding value to the conversation before dropping any self-promo.
4. Hootsuite 
Posting content links to social media platforms can be time consuming if you do it one at a time. That’s where a place like Hootsuite can be like a best friend for your content promotion efforts.
Hootsuite lets you manage accounts for more than 35 popular social networks in the same location. You can schedule when to publish links to content or specific messages to your social media followers. You have access to a wide range of analytics that track how your links are performing, so you can see what strategies work and which ones need to be changed.
The best feature is an app directory that gives you access to more than 100 popular social media apps from Instagram to Marketo, so you have a better idea on where to put the spotlight on your content.
5. Paper li
Large scale content promotion can be as simple as creating your own online newspaper. It only takes a few minutes and is totally free through Paper li. You can use Paper li to publish articles, photos and videos —created by you or others—relevant to your brand or industry.
Paper li processes more than 250 million social media posts per day and extracts more than 25 million articles from that slush pile of information. Our recent ipas2 post on Multiple Streams went viral because of the option paper.li gave us to put that piece in front of affiliate and network marketing audiences. It lets you select your sources, customize your newspaper with ads, videos and your own content and gives you access to promotional tools such as daily email digests and embedded news widgets for your blog.
6. Triberr 
Being part of a tribe isn’t just reserved for reality television. With Triberr, you can join a tribe of other bloggers to share content. Your reward is a promise of higher traffic and opportunities to earn income as a brand influencer.
Top Ten Reviews recently used Triberr to find niche specialists to cover some of their review pages…since they have over 1,000 of them. Triberr is free to use and works through 30 day influencer marketing campaigns. In this type of campaign, companies hire bloggers to promote and endorse their brand, products or services. It helps the company gain a foothold with certain target demographics. For the blogger, it is a great way to build their reputation and give their content added credibility as the ambassador of a popular brand.
7. Blog Aggregators 
Aggregators are landing pages that collect the best blog content from across the web. There are countless blog aggregators to choose from and each one offers different features and benefits for content promotion.
Blogorama functions as a free directory where your blog content can be grouped with other blogs covering the same niche or topics. Bloglines puts an emphasis on local news and groups blogs by city. You can vote on favorite blogs and the site lets you customize content feeds. AllTop is like a virtual magazine rack. It collects headlines from the latest stories on the top sites and blogs on the web. These headlines are grouped by topic into individual web pages.
Using a blog aggregator is most effective for timely content because it gets your content into the news feeds of people who are already interested in that topic.
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